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    • Oct8Tue

      How Will You Get Involved: TWR Canada Ministry Events

      October 8, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry
      It is our desire to meet face-to-face with as many Canadians as possible each year in as many cities as possible about the work that we do. So, for ten days in September, we spent time in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

      It was an encouraging time as we travelled, met with many supporters of the ministry and shared stories and updates about the impact that media is having on the lives of individuals across the globe from Canada, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.

      In Canada, we’re seeing a real change in terms of the people who live among us. We love that the nations are coming to Canada and we’re working on tools to equip the local church for the change in culture, language and religions as individuals and churches open their doors to newcomers. And from the unreached province of Quebec to the spread of the gospel to Buddhist men living in Saskatchewan, to a teacher in Winnipeg who’s sharing Discipleship Essentials with her students, we are seeing God at work and we are thankful to be a part of it.

      Discipleship Essentials is a tool that TWR Canada developed and it is now being used in many corners of the earth. One of the first places it was introduced was the Middle East. And now, just 3 ½ years later, there are more than 7000 groups of people (containing approximately ten people each) using the DE materials to evangelize and disciple in their own context.

      At our 2018 events across the prairies, we heard from George Philip, director of TWR India. He shared with us about the work they are doing with radio home groups. This year, we heard about how this ministry has grown, not only in India but in other countries in the Southeast Asia region as well, such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. God is using this on-the-ground part of the ministry to bring people into a relationship with himself.   

      In northern Uganda, there is a tribe of people who are considered an 'unreached people group'. This group of Muslim people had been virtually unreached until summer 2018 after a pastor in a neighbouring village got in touch with someone from TWR. They asked for help to get the Word of God to this tribe of people in their heart language. The team in Uganda got in touch with TWR Canada and we were able to help by supplying the funds to have The Way of Righteousness translated and produced and put onto 50 portable media devices. The first report shared that 12 people had come to know Christ. And since then more and more people have also committed their lives to him.  

      God is using also TWR in northwest Kenya to share the hope of Christ with 165,000+ people in the Kakuma refugee camp. Barely having their basic needs met, the residents of Kakuma are desperate for a country to take them as their own and give them citizenship. But soon, with the help of TWR, they will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ, which in turn will offer them citizenship in heaven; a much greater gift than any earthly home could ever offer.

      We praise the Lord for the reports that were shared as we travelled together from city to city. We praise the Lord for the many individuals and churches across Manitoba and Saskatchewan who answered the question, how will you get involved? and are part of our team as we work towards the goal of sharing the hope of Jesus across the nations, on air, online and on the ground. For ways you can get involved through prayer, financially, or through sharing heart-language resources with a friend or neighbour, visit