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    • Dec15Wed

      Hope in Hardship

      December 15, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Cuba, Evangelism

      The people of Cuba have faced challenges throughout the years, but one thing they have never given up on is hope. RTM Cuba's Ministry Leader Alberto recently shared with us an update on the situation in Cuba, which includes fuel shortages and rapid inflation. Despite things looking far from easy, Alberto knows that God is always in control. He shared with us:

      “The [COVID-19 & economic] situation affects the costs of producing our programs. All prices have risen extraordinarily, and the economy is in a critical situation. The prices of everything in Cuba have gone up by almost 500 per cent. What we are paying in electricity is terrible. In short, we live in a situation where only God knows the outcome. We are in the hand of the Lord, and we know that he has a better plan for all of us."

      But there is always reason to praise God. Cuba has continued to recover from COVID-19 and has officially re-opened its borders to tourists again, but there are still limitations as to where tourists can go within the country to ensure the safety of everyone. According to Alberto, they want to make sure people are safe so that they won't have to close the border again. The strict quarantine measures throughout 2021 affected the work of the ministry more than the team could have imagined, and RTM Cuba is eager to begin more active ministry. Alberto shares:

      “We will continue working as always. We are preparing new scripts for our programs Messages of Faith and Hope and Our Home, and we hope to start recording those new programs immediately. Our production team will also be joined by Pastor Rodolfo Rodríguez Matos, who is a young pastor who lives near our office here in Havana. He will be a new presenter for Messages of Faith and Hope.”

      With more readily available internet access in Cuba, Alberto has been sharing programs and articles on Facebook and on the new ministry website. In almost a year, there were more than 13,000 visits to the website. Of these visits, 7,800 were from Cuba, with the rest from the United States, Canada, Holland and other countries around the world. The 78 Messages of Faith and Hope programs available on the website have been downloaded more than 4,100 times!

      On the Facebook page, Alberto occasionally receives comments from listeners, such as the following:

      “Good morning. It brings me joy when your programs come out. God bless you.”

      “Good morning. Your messages give us strength and wisdom. God bless you.”

      “Amen, amen. Glory to God. God keep them and keep using them.”

      Praise God for the strength of our team in Cuba. Continue to pray for Alberto as he disciples the people of the country. Pray for the people of Cuba as well. Pray that they continue to stay strong in the face of economic and political hardships. Pray for their salvation and that God stirs their hearts to seek him and lean on him in their time of need.