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    • Finding Hope When You've Received Heartbreaking News

      Four million people are living with HIV and the latest statistics from the World Health Organization show that 2.7million people were newly infected in 2010. Those numbers are heartbreaking. Part of the reason HIV/AIDS continues to spread is a lack of information about the disease.

      TWR Canada is meeting this need by broadcasting practical programming to help counsel people, stop the spread of infection, share Christian values, and improve quality of life. We point them to the life-changing hope found in Jesus. The listener response has been overwhelming. In Africa, we receive more responses to this program than any other we air. Here are just two of the heartfelt letters we've received.

      From Côte d'Ivoire
      "When doctors informed me I was infected with the AIDS virus, despite the pre and post-test advice they gave me, it was not easy for me to accept my status. But now I've accepted it and I live positively with HIV. If I'm living now it's because of your program and I want to say thank you for everything you do. Also, while listening to the radio I heard the Gospel and I gave my life to Jesus. Today I am happy and fulfilled. May God bless you."

      Sharing Biblical Values
      "When I was 17, I became pregnant and had a baby girl. When she was 2 months old, she started to be very sick, and she died with AIDS symptoms. That was the last time I saw the father of my child. I was tested, and the results came back that I am HIV positive. I thought I would soon follow my baby. I felt hopeless and helpless. But then I heard a man on your program The Honey That Kills, who had lived for 8 years with the virus. I was encouraged to live and to accept Jesus as my Saviour. If I could turn the clock back, I would abstain from sex until I was married. Please warn others not to fall in the ditch I am in."

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