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    • Apr30Tue

      Helping Children Engage with God's Word

      April 30, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
      In Kenya and Malawi, we have been airing children’s Bible stories on the radio for over a year. These programs tell the stories of biblical characters like Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses and Jesus in a way which draws children in and encourages their understanding of God’s Word. We want to share with you some of the testimonies we have received in response to the English programs in Malawi and the Swahili programs in Kenya.

      Throughout 2018, we aired the original English Bible Stories Alive programs in Malawi. Children also came into the studio to retell the stories on the air in the Chichewa language. Children and their parents are listening together and are understanding God’s Word in a new way.

      “May God Almighty bless you! The Bible Stories Alive program really changed my life, and I am growing spiritually by the gospel you are teaching us.” 

      “I need to thank you. Through your message, I am drawn closer to God. May the Lord God Almighty take care of you!” 

      “You are very creative in telling stories. We are blessed.” 

      “I've been having a good time with my children listening to the stories. I like it.”

      Since the fall of 2017, we have been airing Bible Stories Alive in Swahili on two FM stations in Kenya. Each station engages with children in a different way. On the one station, the presenter asks a question to listeners at the end of the program, and children have the opportunity to win a prize for the correct answer. On the other station, a group of children are invited into the studio each week to discuss the program live on air with the presenter. Children, families and adults alike are all engaging with the programs and growing in their faith.

      “Praise God for this radio program. I am listening to the program, and I am so happy and blessed. I appreciate how you have been blessing me with the program and inspiring us to learn the Word of God.” 

      “Thank you so much for the amazing program. I am learning that God is in control of my life. Just like in the Bible stories, God has been with his people even when we sin against him.” 

      “I thank God for this program. My children are enjoying it. It’s like they are at Sunday school every Saturday morning. They also say the way it is told is interesting. God bless you.” 

      “I love the program so much. I know the program is for children, but I love the lessons; the lady who presents it does it in a very good way. The stories are exactly the way they are in the Bible, and it feels like I am reading through the whole Bible since we began in Genesis.” 

      “The Bible Stories Alive program, especially the story of Adam and Eve, has really educated my church Sunday school. I am truly blessed and would like to thank everyone who has come and taught our children the Word of God.” 

      “My children did not love going to Sunday school. I was struggling to make them attend the classes and grow in the Word. I came across the Bible Stories Alive program in June 2018, and I began to make my children listen in. I am so grateful to the production team that has made my children enjoy Bible stories. Their enthusiasm for Sunday school has grown, since they learn lessons on Saturday from the program and so when they go to class on Sunday, it’s a continuation of the lessons.”