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    • Aug25Wed

      Hearing Truth and Life Through the Radio

      August 25, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Testimonies

      In a South Asian country, we are broadcasting The Way of Righteousness and other programming in the Saraiki language, as well as running radio home groups! Many are learning more about Jesus and coming to faith because of these programs!

      A man we will call Omar, who is a shepherd in a desert region, shared his story with us: “I often meet other shepherds for a gathering under a banyan tree. Many times, I heard sounds from an MP3 audio player from my fellow friends. I wondered what was playing. I asked one of them to let me listen to it as it was in Saraiki (my mother tongue). It touched my heart and I wanted to hear more. I asked my friend to lend me the audio device so that I could hear it while grazing my flock. When I am out in the fields, I have time to focus on the program and I have learned a lot from it. Focused listening made me understand the core of praying and now, I know how to pray to God. I have become very confident in praying and in my knowledge of the faith. Many times, I have questions and need a little guidance. I get assistance and help from a TWR representative whose contact number is available with the media kit. The guidance is prompt and illustrated. I am very happy with this program! Thank you and God bless you.”

      Aliyah*, who lives within a Muslim community, shared this testimony: I am a housewife who is 45 years old. I am happy in the Lord and God has given me many blessings. I have two sons and a good husband. In the past, I had a lot of problems and I was sick. I heard the Word of God through The Way of Righteousness program on an MP3 player. I learned from this program that our life belongs to God alone. As the Lord says in his Scripture, 'I am the path of truth and life.' Listening to the Word of God in the program tells me the truth that we should always trust God. Listening to this program has really changed me! Now I live in the fear of God. I used to lie, but now I hate lying. Listening to the Word of God has given me a lot of confidence and I share the gospel with others!”

      “My name is Amir*, and I am a Muslim businessman. One day a customer (who is a Christian) came to my shop listening to The Way of Righteousness on MP3. I asked him what he was listening to, and he explained, ‘I am listening to the Word of my God’. He invited me to listen as well. At first, I refused. After some time, he came into my shop again and invited me to listen to the program playing on his MP3. I accepted his invitation and started listening to the program in my shop when I was alone. This program is very helpful for me to understand more about the Bible. I am thankful to the Christian person who provided this material to me.”

      Praise God for these testimonies! Please pray that the people listening to these programs will understand the messages and come to know Jesus personally.

      *Names changed for security