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    • Aug12Wed

      Hearing the Word from Home

      August 12, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Testimonies, Sri Lanka
      The radio program God’s Unique Book is having an incredible impact on the people of Sri Lanka! From reaching children and youth, engaging with Catholics and Buddhists and encouraging fellow Christians, this program engages a wide range of Sri Lankans who are curious to learn more about God and grow in their faith. Amid this global pandemic, God’s Unique Book is speaking hope and truth. Hear these testimonies shared with us by the TWR office in Sri Lanka:

      “I am a Christian. I was trapped in a friend's house due to the curfew. I was listening to the radio from his house and I found your program when tuning the radio. I started to listen to your program. It is a very good program. You clearly explained the Word of God. My Buddhist friend also listened to the program with me; he also likes it very much.”

      “This is the first time I listened to your program. We can't go out of the house due to the COVID-19 lockdown. But we had the opportunity to listen to the Word of God from home. This is a very good program.”

      “I feel like I’m trapped inside the house. But I was able to listen to your program; it is very good.”

      “I am a Catholic. These days we stay at home and listen to the radio. Your program is very good. That preacher who spoke through your program is a great teacher. He used that 30 minutes very fruitfully. There was so much to learn.”

      “I'm calling to you from prison. I heard this program for the first time. I need help from God, and I want to know and accept Jesus Christ. Please help me.”

      “I am a Christian. Your recent program was very good. Christians also need the message you speak in these times. A lot of Christians are losing hope and they ask many questions like ‘Why is this happening’ and ‘Where is our God?’ This program gives a clear answer to all those questions."

      “I am a Christian. I work as a housemaid away from my home. Because of the lockdown, I am not able to go back to my home. My five-year-old son is away from me at home; I was very upset. I just tuned the radio and I came across your program. Thank God. He encouraged me from his Word through this radio program.”

      “I'm a Buddhist but I listen to this program every week. I love this program! It teaches very meaningful things and I am getting to know about Christianity from this program. I have begun attending a church. I want to know more about Christianity. Kindly help me?”

      "I am a Christian grandmother. I heard your program on the radio by accident. It is very impressive. You teach the Word of God very clearly. This is a great program for us to understand the Word of God. I write down everything you teach in the program and I teach them to my grandchildren."

      “Thank you very much for the program on the book of Ephesians. God has spoken to me from this program. As Paul shared the good news even when he was in prison, I have realized that I also need to share the good news in this situation.”

      Praise God for these testimonies! Please join us as we pray for safety and protection as Sri Lanka continues to battle COVID-19. Pray for the team in Sri Lanka as they continue to produce materials and content that speaks the good news of Christ.