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    • In many parts of the world, both new and seasoned believers have little access to solid biblical teaching or resources. People may have heard about the hope and salvation offered through a relationship with Jesus Christ and may have even accepted him as Lord and Saviour, but then what? They want to serve the Lord and grow in their knowledge of him, but they don’t know where to begin.

      At TWR Canada, we believe that we have a calling to train and equip Christians in the fundamentals of theology and to provide resources to churches and individuals that enable them to grow in their Christian walk.

      “…Equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God…” (Ephesians 4:12-13, ESV)

      Partnerships with on-the-ground organizations and a commitment to working with the local church allow us to ensure an effective discipleship ministry designed to meet the needs of the audience.

      We emphasize initiatives that include the local church so continued growth is maintained through effective long-term relationships.

      Examples of TWR Canada's Discipleship Initiatives:

      Leadership training in Africa uses the radio program Tools for Wise Leadership to teach African people to lead according to God’s principles.

      Persian ministry conferences train and disciple Persian-speaking Christians to effectively lead others and grow personally in their relationships with Christ amid great persecution in their countries.

      Discipleship Essentials (DE) challenges and teaches individuals, lay leaders and churches to learn and study the Bible for themselves. This 137-lesson training tool contains modules on Christian living and spiritual leadership. Translation of these lessons has been completed in eight languages with five more languages in progress. Training events for DE have also been held in eight countries to date. A DE training participant from Egypt writes:

      I have been a believer for 18 years, but my spiritual journey wasn’t good. I struggled a lot. Eight months ago, I started to attend a discipleship group using Discipleship Essentials (DE). Since then, my life has been changed in a very good way because I learned to study and search the scriptures for the answers to my questions. Before, I would depend on my pastor and other people to answer my questions. DE taught me how to find the truth using Scripture. I want to learn the biblical truth for myself and build my spiritual life on that. DE helped me begin a stable daily personal time with my Lord using my Bible instead of relying on a Christian book about the Bible. Through DE, my relationship with my Lord has grown. I am very thankful for this opportunity.”

      Seminary on the Air (SOTA) is an intensive four-year seminary training program that gives opportunity to Chinese church leaders to attain the education that enables them to teach and lead churches and house churches. SOTA is also expanding to offer an accredited degree program. Here is one story of life change as a result of SOTA:

      A woman was suffering from a serious illness. She fell ill about ten years previously, resulting in systemic edema. She was pale and weak, giving others the impression that she was about to die. As a result of this, her husband divorced her, and she was ignored and left alone by her friends, neighbours and relatives. At that time, she found a church and was accepted by her Christian brothers and sisters. The love and help that was shown to her helped her understand the love of Jesus. She had no prior exposure to theology nor was she familiar with the Bible. However, when Seminary on the Air was introduced to her church, she immediately signed up and studied her heart out. She spent a lot of time reading the Bible every day and studying the courses. She began to seek God and wanted to know him more. Amazingly, her health was restored as well during her studies. She began to serve in the church and later served in many different ministries. She was totally transformed, both spiritually and physically. She is indeed a new creation.”

      How can you be involved in discipleship? Connect with a local discipleship ministry or Bible study, or disciple or mentor a younger believer in your church! (To use our Discipleship Essentials tool for free in your group, click here.) Pray that Christians would grow in their faith both in your community and around the world. For more on TWR Canada’s discipleship ministry, click here.