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    • Feb2Wed

      God's Unique Book

      February 2, 2022 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Sri Lanka

      "I am a Buddhist and I have been listening to this program for a few days. Your teachings provide immense clarity about Christianity. We have heard about Christianity, but we did not understand it. This is why we criticized it. But now, I have realized the true meaning of Christianity by listening."

      In 2014, TWR Canada began sponsoring a program in Sri Lanka called God’s Unique Book. Since then, the program has continued to teach the Bible and introduce Christianity to a people group that has been mostly unaware of it. In the eight years that it has been airing, the program has been a huge success in providing a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.

      Sri Lanka is largely Buddhist, and God’s Unique Book has brought them an introduction to and clear view of Christianity. Over half of listeners consider themselves to be from other religious backgrounds but continue to find hope in this Sinhalese-language program.

      A Buddhist listener shared: "I was told to listen to your program by a friend of mine. I have a desire to get to know Jesus after listening to this program. Then I told a friend of mine. He told me to meet with you. I want to know more about Jesus. Help me please."

      But these programs don’t just reach unbelievers. They provide support to the Christians in Sri Lanka who can feel isolated. Hearing stories on the airwaves gives them a sense of comfort, as many of them listen as a family and grow together. These are some of the responses we’ve received:

      "I am a Christian and I have been listening to this program for months. My whole family loves to listen to this program because the teaching is simple and easy to understand. This is an excellent program. Our whole family wanted to share our appreciation with you all."

      "I am a Christian and I have been listening to this program for over a year. I am really happy with it because I am learning so much about God and his Word. I gained a clear understanding and correct guidance about God, Jesus and other things in the Bible from this program. The scientific explanation of Jesus' death, in particular, was a wonderful program topic. I learned a lot of unique things through that program."

      God’s Unique Book has resonated with people of all different religious backgrounds and has brought them closer to God and Jesus. We’re also able to connect these individuals and families with other listeners through our radio home groups, which provide additional resources for studying the Bible.

      Please join us in praying for the people of Sri Lanka as they hear the gospel preached and grow in faith through listening to this program. Pray that God would change the hearts of those listening.