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    • Jan1Wed

      God Speaks our Language

      January 1, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Evangelism, Seminary On The Air (SOTA), Bible Distribution, Testimonies

      As we begin a new year, we wanted to share some amazing impact stories from our ministries around the world! In many regions, we’ve heard from our ministry partners about the significance of people receiving the Bible in their own language.

      One of our partners who works to distribute Bibles in Kenya writes:

      “The demand for Bibles continues to increase and through your support we know it is possible to reduce this need, as we continue to impact individuals. These individuals are then able to be equipped with the Word and help win others for Christ because a single Bible is enough to pull an entire family to Christ.”

      It is incredible to hear how one person receiving the Word of God can have a ripple effect on an entire family!

      We received this testimony from a listener of the program Radio Voice of the Gospel in the Middle East:

      "I said in a simple prayer, 'Jesus Christ, I want to know more about you.' Three days later I found a Farsi Bible in the trash can. As I read, the truth of his divinity opened my heart. In my next prayer, I saw a great vision of Jesus. So, without wasting any time, I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am thankful for every moment of my life, because I live with Jesus. God bless you all for all your hard work and thank you for the great program you create for all of us."

      In Asia, Mr. Ramesh writes that his life was filled with worry and sorrow. Unexpectedly, his wife was diagnosed with a mental illness. “As we were going through this rough patch, I was given the "Light" magazine. As I started reading through its pages, a strange calmness gripped my heart. The living words in the magazine strengthened my soul and enabled me to face life courageously. I am glad to testify that my wife's health is improving. Thank you for sending me a Bible. As a family, we are reading it and the Word of God is giving us strength, courage and hope in our life."

      For this listener in Nepal, receiving a Bible enforced the truth they were already hearing on the radio. "Despite the fact that I come from a different religious background, I like to tune in to your program since it covers the issues of my life which I am confronted with each day. Sometimes my family members question me for tuning in to your programs, but I am intrigued in light of the fact that they show me profound truth. I have received the Bible you sent. Much thanks to you."

      TWR Canada believes that receiving the Word of God is only the beginning of one’s faith journey. In addition to providing Bibles, TWR Canada works with our partners to disciple and mentor new Christians so they may begin to build a firm foundation of faith.

      We have received this testimony from one of our SOTA (Seminary on the Air) students. SOTA is an intensive seminary training program for Chinese believers and church leaders around the world:

      "SOTA's curriculum is like a clear spring, nourishing my dry heart and life. It is also like a close friend who accompanies me through many lonely nights (after my children are asleep, I am alone). It is also like a treasure chest of wisdom, which has cleared my depression through the Words of God. In my everyday life, I became more determined, hopeful, joyful and dependent."

      In the Middle East, TWR Canada has developed a training conference for new Christians to begin building a firm foundation in their faith. An attendee of the conference writes:

      "I have learned how to study God’s Word, how to pray correctly and to trust God always in every situation, never going away from him. I will talk about what I learned at this conference to my family and friends. Here, I came closer to God, and all my doubts disappeared. I always want to be with Jesus and always serve him according to his will.”

      We praise God for the ability to spread the gospel through radio programs, Bible distribution, conferences, seminary training and discipleship groups all around the world. As we expand various ministries this year, please pray that the new programs and initiatives will turn people to Christ.