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    • Oct5Wed

      God Can Use Any Willing Heart

      October 5, 2016
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      Leadership, Discipleship Essentials

      A Story From Egypt...

      TWR Canada missionary, McDaniel Phillips was recently in Egypt for a conference to train church and lay leaders how to use Discipleship Essentials - learn more about this program here.

      McDaniel writes:
      Between conference sessions, I wanted to get a sense of the value being received by participants. I turned to the woman in purple pictured above, I’ll call her *Nina, and asked her (through a translator) how she was enjoying the training.

      She began weeping.

      Nina could not read or write. She was getting very little from the text portion of the training though she enjoyed the videos for each lesson. She considered herself ill-equipped to be used by God.

      I knew that was not true, but I didn't want to counter her statement. I knew that Nina needed to realize where she was being deceived for herself. I hoped to coax the answer from her so I asked about her personal ministry.

      Nina shrugged and wiped the tears from her eyes. “After my conversion to Christ, I told one woman about my experience. That woman received Christ and we began meeting for discipleship. Now, I am discipling 50 women.”

      “God is already using you,” I told Nina.

      She paused. “Yes, maybe He is.” A smile spread across her face.

      We sometimes feel as though we have nothing to offer, but a willing and open heart is all that God requires to effectively use you as a disciple-maker and further His kingdom.

      Have you been discipled by someone more mature in the faith? How did that relationship affect your faith?Save