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    • May27Wed

      Finding a Home in God's Family

      May 27, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Cuba, Discipleship, Evangelism

      Since 2009, TWR Canada has been working with RTM Cuba to further spread the good news of Jesus Christ across their country. The internet in Cuba is hard to access and is expensive and slow. Therefore, an outside media source such as TWR is effective in reaching the country with the gospel.

      Every evening from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Shine 800 AM reaches Cuba from Bonaire with Spanish programs like Thru the Bible, Women of Hope, Haven Today and Pastor Alberto’s own Messages of Faith and Hope.

      At the beginning of November 2019, RTM Cuba’s new program Our Home began to air from the Bonaire transmitter. This program invites listeners to reflect and learn about building healthy relationships in the family and teaches listeners how to deal with difficult situations faced at home. The program covers topics such as a lack of communication between family members, divorce, parenting, care for older parents, depression and infidelity.

      “People are confused”, explains Alberto, RTM Cuba director. “In Cuba, there is a pressing need for a program that deals with topics such as divorce, addictions and loneliness. I receive many questions from listeners who need counsel. I expect this program will also attract many non-Christian listeners.”

      Annabel Torrealba, TWR's director for North/Central Latin America and the Caribbean adds, “This program will touch the hearts of the Cuban listeners deeply, who for years have been at the mercy of communist teachings far removed from God’s plan for human beings.”

      Our Home airs every Friday night at 10 p.m. on Shine 800 AM, and can also be heard in Venezuela, Mexico and the southern part of the United States. 

      In addition to the new radio program, RTM Cuba has begun corresponding via letters and telephone calls with 25 prisoners in four prisons. There is a well-organized ministry of chaplains who visit the prisons in Cuba. Alberto connected with the director of this ministry and has provided him with literature to give to the prisoners. In some of these prisons the prisoners can have their own radios and have the freedom to listen to broadcasts every night. The chaplains have taught the prisoners how to listen to Messages of Faith and Hope and other programs. These prisoners have been so impacted by the programming that they have shared their relatives’ contact information with RTM Cuba, requesting that literature be sent to them along with an invitation to listen to the broadcasts from Bonaire.

      On December 3, 2019, Alberto fell and injured his leg, requiring surgery the following day. He was on bed rest for more than a month, but as of the middle of January 2020, he started walking again. Alberto is receiving physical therapy three times a day and is on his way to full recovery.

      Prior to starting therapy, he shared with us: “I have been totally pain-free! God has been merciful with me. I have also received much love from my family and brothers and sisters in Christ, thousands of telephone calls, letters, visits and messages. It has been unbelievable and unexpected for me and very comforting.”

      This encouragement has lifted Alberto up and shown him how many people care about him and is evidence of the impact Alberto is having in Cuba.

      From the middle of March, all schools, universities, churches, places of leisure, restaurants, gyms, etc. are closed due to the pandemic. Public and mass transportation has come to a halt, and people are not allowed to travel between cities and provinces. Postal and shipping services have stopped, and many people have started to work from home using the internet.  

      Due to these measures, no one can visit the office or send any letters. Alberto now works from home for a few hours each day answering telephone calls from listeners and writing new program scripts.

      “Our hope,” says Alberto, “is that the measures of social isolation continue to bring the number of cases down and that we will be able to start working from the office sometime in June. We foresee very difficult times will come with the economy and food shortages. Something very sad during this time has been the amount of people lining up in front of the stores waiting to be able to buy food. Nevertheless, the Lord has supplied for us our daily needs. We have trust and faith that as always, God will supply at the right moment.”

      We thank God for the impact the new program Our Home is having. Pray for the producers as they continue to develop this program. We are excited to see the Word of God reaching into prisons in Cuba! Pray that these prisoners will come to know Christ as a result of RTM Cuba’s radio programs. Lastly, please pray for Alberto as he continues to recover from surgery and lead the ministry in Cuba during this challenging time.