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    • Jul15Wed

      Fertile Ground in the Middle East

      July 15, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Discipleship, Middle East, Evangelism
      Countries that seem the most hostile to the message of Christ can turn out to be fertile ground for the gospel to take hold. That is a truth that the TWR's Arabic ministry team has shared with us through this testimony:

      “Hakim* had been listening to our broadcasts and came to know the Lord as a result. We have had hundreds of calls, letters and emails going back and forth with him. He accepted the Lord and he has been growing by listening and finding someone to help him grow and answer his questions. He was so impressed by some of our programs that focus on discipleship and these programs have helped him grow stronger in faith.

      “In time, he felt called to share his faith with others, even though he lived in a Muslim country. He was burdened to share his faith with others as well as his own community. Eventually, he started to work with people and share Christ with them. We helped him buy some flash drives and SD cards to share the material from one of our discipleship programs in Arabic with these people. He started to create small home groups to teach them the Word of God and the groups continued to grow in numbers.

      “We recently received an email from Hakim saying he has 16 people studying the Word of God in one of the groups. He said that he wished they had more freedom. Their numbers could double and triple, but because of the restrictions that he has in his country, he limits the group and must be careful with the security.

      “Hakim often emails us to say that they have added two or three people to their study group. This guy is really on fire!"

      TWR's Arabic team is also planting seeds through its new program, Hope for Yemen. The radio series is designed to reach the people of Yemen by sharing the peace and hope of the gospel message in their mother-tongue dialect. This program series aims to provide practical, psychological and spiritual help to the Yemeni people, who have long suffered from the violent conflict pitting various ethnic groups and regional powers against each other.

      Digital outlets including online radio, mobile phone apps, social media platforms and SD cards will be used to reach the potential audience, whether in their homes or in refugee camps. The first episode went online Feb. 24, 2020, with additional production and distribution to follow.

      The director of TWR's Arabic ministry said, “The Hope for Yemen radio program is born to share with Yemenis, youth and adults, the message of hope that can give them a better future through their reconciliation with a sovereign God who can provide peace amidst storms.”

      We praise the Lord for believers like Hakim who are so passionate about Christ that they put themselves at risk to share the gospel with their community. We also thank God for the new program, Hope for Yemen, and pray for the safety of all who are involved in its production and distribution.