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    • Jun25Tue

      Faithfully Planting the Seed in Sri Lanka

      June 25, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Sri Lanka
      On Easter Sunday, we woke up to the news of the bombings that had happened in Sri Lanka (you can read more here). The TWR team in Sri Lanka responded immediately. Working with the TWR Canada sponsored program, God’s Unique Book, they created and produced new content to respond to the spiritual needs of the people at this critical time. Since then, there have been requests for recordings to be made available and distributed among the churches that were impacted by the attacks. As well, there was a flood of responses from both long-time listeners as well as new listeners.
      Sri Lanka is home to 22 million people, 72 per cent who call themselves Buddhist; less than 1.5 per cent would identify as evangelical Christians. The need for the message of hope and redemption is great; the fear and insecurity created by the blasts has simply intensified this need.

      We continue to work with our team on the ground to produce and air this 30-minute weekly program. Through the program, God’s Unique Book, we see God at work in Sri Lanka. In a recent report we received prior to the April 21 blasts, we received many encouraging messages.

      One listener called us saying: “I'm 39 years old. I was addicted to alcohol for about 17 years and have tried to commit suicide several times. My family left me because of my addiction and debt. I live without any hope. While I was listening to your radio program, I heard that the presenter mentioned that "There's a hope in Jesus Christ." That word has touched my heart deeply. Christ has touched my heart when I listened to your program, and I have decided to be a follower of Christ.”

      Our follow-up team prayed for this listener, especially for his wife and children to return. After a week, they received a call from his wife. Praise God! She has returned home with the children and explained that he has become a totally different person. A pastor has connected with the family and has committed to stay in contact with them.

      This follow-up ministry is an absolutely vital part of the work we’re doing. Not only does it give us the opportunity to pray for our listeners and get them connected in local churches, but it also gives us so much encouragement to stay faithful to the work the Lord has set out for us.

      This man’s response is not the only one. The team in Sri Lanka is constantly receiving feedback from many listeners of God’s Unique Book. And here’s the good news: in one month, the team in Sri Lanka received and recorded feedback from more than 10 different Buddhist listeners who made comments similar to the following:

      “I am a Buddhist, but I have listened to your program for more than four years now.” Amara

      “I am a Buddhist. I had a desire to read the Bible after I started listening to your program. I bought a Bible and started to read it.” Jagath

      “I’m a Buddhist, but I listen to your program; it is very good and useful to me.” Sunil

       “I’m a Buddhist. The only program I listen to on the radio is your program. Your program is helping me to grow as a person; it is very good.” Amara

      “I’m a Buddhist, but I have listened to your program for about two weeks. Your program is good, and I learn many things from it.” Lasantha

      “I’m a Buddhist, and I am the principal of [a local school]. I like your program very much. Please send me your program CD.” Sangeetha

      You may ask, Why are they sharing so many similar stories with us? The answer is simple. The impact that the program, God’s Unique Book, is having on those of the Buddhist religion in Sri Lanka is exciting! Even when we’re not hearing that someone has turned to Christ as their Saviour, repented and been saved, we are indeed planting the seed in Sri Lanka. It’s being planted among people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to hear the good and saving news that is the hope of salvation in Jesus Christ. What an opportunity!

      Please pray with us that many more would hear the Word of God preached on the radio, repent from their sin and become brothers and sisters in the faith.