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    • Apr25Wed

      Engaging Children on Live Radio

      April 25, 2018 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry, Education
      Children in the studio during a live show.

      What does your family do to spend time together? In Kenya, some families have started to gather together to listen to children’s Bible stories on the radio every Saturday. One family has even made it a tradition to have breakfast together every Saturday and listen to that week’s story on the radio. When the show is over, they discuss together what they have learned, and as a result, they are actively growing in their faith, individually and as a family.

      TWR Canada has partnered with A Visit with Mrs. G Ministries to translate and produce children’s Bible stories in five languages. These are based on the Bible Stories Alive series. In Kenya, stories are translated and produced in Swahili to air on two radio stations. Since November 2017, the programs have aired every Saturday morning as part of a children’s live show program.

      As the show is live, the show hosts are able to engage with listeners live on the air after the children’s Bible stories have aired. On one of the radio stations, local children are invited into the studio each week, and the children are able to discuss their thoughts and questions regarding the story they just heard live on the air. The stations also receive phone calls and text messages from children and families who have listened to the stories. One of the stations is receiving up to 20 phone calls live on the air each week! In the month of March, between the two radio stations, nearly 30 texts were received about the children’s Bible story program. While these texts are usually responses to questions asked live on the air, that’s nearly one text for every day of March!

      Children are excited to share what they are learning from these stories with their friends. One 6-year-old girl says that she listens to the program every Saturday and then shares what she has learned with her Sunday school class the next day. She says that she “enjoys the lessons so much,” especially the lessons on Adam and Eve. Another listener shared that she listens with her younger siblings and says that as the program has made her grow spiritually she has encouraged other children to listen to it as well.

      It is exciting to hear that older siblings, including teenagers, are listening with their younger siblings! While the Swahili stories are produced primarily for children between the ages of 4 and 8, God is working in the lives of the whole family. One 13-year-old, who has been listening with her younger sister, says she has been encouraged by the programs to learn more about God’s Word.

      Parents are also learning alongside their children and studying God’s Word together. One mother says that, after listening to the programs, she and her 10-year-old daughter go over the Bible story together and discuss any questions that her daughter has. She says she is happy that her daughter can hear the Word of God at such a young age.

      It’s not just Christian families who are tuning in. One listener is a 9-year-old Muslim girl who tuned in for three consecutive Saturdays. She called in live and shared how the show impacted her, and she shared her interest in coming to the studio to learn more about the Bible. Her Muslim parents brought her to the studio the following Saturday, and she joined the other children live on the air. She has become an active participant in the live show, and she answers a lot of the questions asked by the radio host.

      The programs are also having an impact beyond families. Because of these children’s Bible stories, the TWR Kenya team has been invited to visit local villages and schools to share the Word of God!

      In the six months that the children’s Bible stories have been on the air, God has been working in Kenya. Join us in praying for the families who are tuning in each week and learning more and more from God’s Word. Please also join us in praying for the translation and production teams who are working hard to translate and produce the children’s Bible stories.

      If you want to start your own Saturday morning breakfast with Bible Stories Alive, you can listen in English on TWR360!