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    • May3Wed

      Encouraging Listeners in Burundi

      May 3, 2017 by TWR Canada
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      Africa, Discipleship

      Translation and Printing of Discipleship Resources

      An update to a June 1, 2016 E Update

      Good News for All and Jesus is the Answer are weekly programs aired in the Kirundi language on Burundi National Radio which has a reach of more than 10 million listeners. These two TWR Canada-sponsored radio programs are among the most popular programs aired in Burundi. These two programs are critical to TWR Burundi and have played a great role in helping that ministry grow. Listeners were calling in looking for information on how to grow deeper in their faith. They were asking difficult questions hoping their faith would provide answers to problems like racial tension, corruption, economic instability, and political upheaval.

      TWR Canada sponsored the translation and printing of two books that were to be given to listeners to help deepen their faith: Your Quest for God and Food For Faith.
      Since April 2016, translation and printing of both books is now complete. TWR teams in Burundi have distributed almost 1000 copies of these books to listeners. Our team on the ground will continue to distribute these books as supplies last throughout 2017.
      The woman standing in the middle of this photo received a copy of Your Quest For God and had this to say:
      "I am feeling I want to read all of it in one day. It is my first time to get a book like this and I am so happy for that. I believe it will lead my spiritual paths. May the Lord richly bless TWR Burundi and its sponsors for bringing to us this wonderful gift."

      From Another Listener:
      "My name is Odry. I am so happy to get this opportunity to testify how God has changed my life through the book Your Quest for God. I used to have doubts about God’s love and power when I saw what was going on around me. Now, I am feeling loved and encouraged. I know who God is and I am humbled by his love, power, and sovereignty. Thank you for helping us get the answers of our daily struggles."

      Thank you for your continued support! This wouldn't be possible without your prayers and donations.