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    • Jan26Wed

      Empowering Women through TWR Women of Hope

      January 26, 2022 By the TWR Canada Team
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      TWR Women of Hope

      “I am a teacher and a listener of the Women of Hope radio program. The teachings in the program are very helpful and are important to families and our community. At this time, it is very hard to go to church every week, because of COVID-19 and other challenges. But this program encourages us in our faith and teaches us the Word of God. Also, we worship God together as families and we thank God for this opportunity. We now have the knowledge of the Word of God, which guides us and opens our spiritual eyes. We praise God for this ministry and promise to remember you in our prayers. Thank you for the good service!” – A listener in Ethiopia.

      The global ministry of TWR Women of Hope has grown incredibly over its 25-year history, to support women around the world and help them learn about God. Through the faithful people that give to the ministry, God is empowering women in many different countries. The global leadership team, led by Dr. Peggy Banks, is continuing to build a ministry that shows women how precious they are in the eyes of God and brings them to Christ. It strengthens their faith, which in turn changes lives and communities.

      TWR Canada is involved in the ministry of TWR Women of Hope in the countries of Mozambique, Mali and Côte d’Ivoire. Through distribution of prayer calendars, broadcasting Women of Hope and building relationships with women in these countries, we are seeing women come to Christ and grow in their faith.

      A listener in Mali recently shared, “I thank God the Father for the program Women of Hope because it has allowed me to know a lot of things about everyday and spiritual life. It helps me to live my life better and to understand the lives of others. I follow the program regularly because it has a great social, economic and spiritual impact.” Praise God for the impact this program has on the lives of women!

      TWR Women of Hope’s influence on women continues to grow. The teams around the world engage with more than 750,000 women each month, send out 61,000 printed prayer calendars and broadcast radio programs in 78 different languages.

      This work goes a long way as listeners around the world can hear the gospel be brought to them. A listener in Albania shared:

      “I heard about Jesus eight months ago. I didn’t have the chance to go to school and sometimes this hurt me so much. I do not know how to read the Bible, but a friend of mine has given me a solar radio and there I can spend time with God. I have heard the Women of Hope programs and many other programs that have helped me to grow strong in the Lord. God bless you so much. Would you please pray for the salvation of my husband?”

      Through our programs, God is creating and rekindling women’s enthusiasm for him. No matter where they are from or what they deal with in life, these women are finding acceptance and love in God. They are then able to share the love that they received with their friends and family, to bring even more people to Christ.

      We’re excited to see how God is working through the ministry and through the women we reach. Speaking hope to these women doesn’t end with the radio programs, but continues through the on-the-ground relationships and in how these women continue to speak hope to each other.

      To learn more about TWR Canada’s involvement in the ministry of TWR Women of Hope, please visit our website. We invite you to join us in praying for the ministry each day, by signing up for our weekly emails or by replying to this email to request the bi-monthly prayer calendar by mail.