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    • Feb9Wed

      Discipling West Africa

      February 9, 2022 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Africa, Discipleship, Discipleship Essentials, Testimonies

      The Church in West Africa continues to grow, and we’re thrilled to be walking alongside them with our French-language Discipleship Essentials programs. Our desire is to partner with the Church there to create disciples who are growing in faith and sharing their faith with others. We’re blown away at the response we’ve received from West Africa.

      Around the world, Discipleship Essentials is an important resource for sharing the gospel and strengthening the faith of followers of Christ as they walk with people in their community. In West Africa, the Discipleship Essentials radio program began airing in October 2020. Each week, listeners tune in to hear a conversation between the two hosts who are discussing one of the lessons from the library of Discipleship Essentials resources.

      The responses that we’ve received have been nothing short of incredible, and they have only continued to grow. In August 2021, the team on the ground received responses to the Discipleship Essentials program from 150 people. In November, there were over 200! Listeners share stories like the following:

      “The Discipleship Essentials programs have helped me a lot. I had lost the way to God for a very long time, but you are the one who looks for children who have gone astray from God. Thanks to your teachings, I began having an intimate relationship with God. Thank you again, God bless you!”

      “After having listened to the program’s teachings, I recognized that I am a bad servant and that I act in a way contrary to the expectations of God. But now I ask his forgiveness and I want to start again with him. I need God to forgive my mistakes because only he can do it. Now I want to do his will so that he can be glorified by me as he should.”

      “Hello. This is the first time I have listened to the Discipleship Essentials program. I was touched by your message, and I asked forgiveness from God. I need to come back to God and have intimacy with him. Thank you for the work you do. The Lord bless you.”

      “Every time I told myself that God does not love me and that he does not care about me, your words gave me courage. I felt far away from him, but now I have started reading the Bible and meditating on it again. Thank you.”

      Through these programs, God is using the airwaves to broadcast hope to West Africa. He continues to uplift this group of people and build his Church through the programs that are gripping and convicting the region. Continue to be in prayer for our team in West Africa as they build the kingdom, and go to our website to check out our other e-updates to learn more about the ministry of Discipleship Essentials.