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    • Apr6Wed

      Discipling Believers Across South Asia

      April 6, 2022 By The TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Discipleship, Media Players, Testimonies, Radio Home Groups

      Several years ago, TWR India took the concept of church home groups and adapted that into listener groups called radio home groups. What started in India has expanded across South Asia, where TWR Canada helped launch 3,000 radio home groups in 2021 alone. Since we started partnering in this initiative, we have distributed more than 9,000 radio home kits in more than 50 languages!

      We use a variety of media programs to help people engage with the Word of God and study the Bible. In India, groups use programs from Thru the Bible. In Sri Lanka, the team has created a discipleship series specifically for the radio home groups. In other countries, groups study The Way of Righteousness (written specifically for those from a Muslim background) or other audio programs.

      But what is consistent is the impact which these groups are having. Believers are growing in faith and inviting those who don’t know Jesus to come learn about him. In recent reports from across the region, we received testimonies such as the following:

      "This radio home group concept is an amazing one. As a church, we typically follow the house church concept together with three to five families. This radio home group model suits our house church concept, and the lessons are brilliant. Even my pastor says that there are many things that we can learn from this that we do not know. We have started fifteen radio home groups and after listening to the lesson on the ‘authority of the Bible’, the participants are now extremely interested in reading the Bible. After a discussion with our pastor, we plan to take this program to all our church members. God bless you all. May God guide you all to share the gospel through this program!"

      "I was born into a Christian family, but I avoided going to church and any kind of prayer meeting as much as possible. I didn't pay attention to anything my parents said. I tried to spend my time with my friends. I was just living my life as I liked. One of my cousins invited me to attend his radio home group. So, I went to their group and listened to the words of our heavenly Father and joined in the group prayer. After that, I felt guilty and prayed about my sins. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and surrendered myself to him. Now, I am better and spiritually stronger than before. I am attending church and praying regularly in my daily life. I am trying to lead my life according to Christ's teachings. Thanks to Jesus Christ and the radio home group."

      "I am 25 years old, and I am studying business. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me with countless blessings, such as my brothers, sisters, mother and father. I am a regular listener of The Way of Righteousness through the radio home kit. I have learned many things from it, such as the love of God towards his people and how he gave his son's life on the cross for us so that we could all be forgiven of our sins. Listening to the Word of God from these programs has changed me, and I now listen to worship songs and Scripture on a regular basis. I want God to continue to use me in his ministry, and I want to be able to share the verses I've learned with others."

      Praise God for the lives he is changing across South Asia through the radio home group ministries! These are just a few of the stories we have received of the impact of the ministry. To read more stories of changed lives, please visit our website.