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    • Free Online Discipleship Tool Now Available

      We’ve been talking about Discipleship Essentials (DE) for a very long time, and work has progressed steadily. DE is a multi-lingual discipleship content library available online for free. Each lesson contains a video and audio lesson, a Study Guide, a Leader’s Guide, and a text summary/devotional. Two courses, Essentials for Christian Living and Essentials for Spiritual Leadership, are now online in English offering 137 lessons under 18 topics!

      With these accomplished, work progresses more quickly as the translation work for other languages is based on the English materials. “It’s a significant achievement. We have translated 12,000 pages of material and produced 590 videos because the English guides and scripts are now complete,” says McDaniel Phillips who is heading up the DE ministry.

      By April 2016, Essentials for Christian Living lessons will be online in Arabic, Bengali, French and Hindi. Nine other languages are currently in translation and/or production, and will also be available online when they are complete.

      Find Discipleship Essentials online here:

          TWR360 website
          Discipleship Essentials website