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    • Dec8Wed

      Discipleship Essentials - A Worldwide Spread

      December 8, 2021 The TWR Canada Team
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      Evangelism, Discipleship Essentials, Testimonies

      Since its beginnings, our desire for Discipleship Essentials has been to fill the need for solid discipleship material in the heart languages of the global Church. While we here in Canada have an abundance of discipleship resources, this is not the case in many parts of the world. What began as a vision to create a toolking of more than 130 discipleship lessons in 10 languages, with video, audio and text components, has grown into a global discipleship movement beyond what we could have imagined! Discipleship Essentials is now available in more than 15 languages, with more than 18,000 small groups using the material worldwide!  

      Today, we want to share with you just a small glimpse of the impact of Discipleship Essentials around the world. 

      The Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines (CAMACOP) have adopted DE as their primary discipleship tool. They have taken the base resources and are creating additional materials, including sermon outlines and Sunday school lessons for children, youth and adults. One small group leader shared: “We started using the 'Who is Jesus?' module in February. We first used it in the six groups my husband and I run, but now two other groups have grown out of our groups! Even though many of our groups have had to move online, we still love this material. It’s interactive, God-focused and biblically grounded. It’s also easy to lead, because of the Leader’s Guide. My husband and I have been praying for material that would be spiritually deep, interactive and easy to lead. We praise God for DE!” 

      In North Africa and the Middle East, we, along with our partners, hold training conferences to help launch discipleship movements. At a recent conference in Iraq, one of the attendees was a man who works among the refugee camps, where many Yazidis and Kurds are living, having fled from persecution. After the conference, he shared: “This is like discovering a treasure for me. You have saved me time and energy. You have helped me to run forward. I have many maturing disciples, but I didn’t have discipleship material, so I was walking slowly with them. But now, I can run! Now, I have the resources to disciple them! Thank you!” 

      In India and Bangladesh, radio home group leaders are being trained using DE. We have recently received the following stories sharing the impact of this: 

      “Our session was on what Jesus asks of us as his followers. It impressed upon me that the way I live must serve as an example and model to those I lead, just as Jesus’ life was to his disciples.” 

      “I am thankful to TWR for providing me with this fantastic opportunity. Before coming to this training, I was satisfied with my knowledge. However, when I received the pre-assessment question paper, I realized my flaws. Throughout the training, my knowledge grew steadily. At the conclusion of the session, I understood that discipleship is a very beautiful guidance.” 

      In French, Spanish and Arabic, we have radio programs based on the DE lessons. The French program is broadcast across West Africa, and is a much-loved program: 

      “Hello. This is the first time I have listened to the Discipleship Essentials program. I was touched by your message, and I asked forgiveness from God. I need to come back to God and have intimacy with him. Thank you for the work you do. The Lord bless you.” 

      “I listened to the Discipleship Essentials program and the topic was ‘experiencing the love of God.’ The message moved me; the love of God for us is really deep! I have often made mistakes in my choices. What I know is that your messages do me good and renew me every time I listen and they show me the right way. May our almighty God continue supporting you. Blessings!” 

      The Spanish radio program is broadcast from the Bonaire and Uruguay transmitters and across the TWR Latin America FM network. One listener recently shared: “I find this program very good. It is uplifting, it broadens our knowledge in a simple yet profound way, and it strengthens our faith. Thank you because we all have access to it for free.” 

      We can’t cover the full extent of the ministry and impact of DE in an e-update, so we encourage you to check out more stories of impact on our website. You can find DE on TWR360YouTube and the Discipleship Essentials Android app (with an iOS app coming soon!).