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    • Jul23Tue

      Desperate for the Word of God

      An update on our Bible distribution project and partnership with TWR Kenya July 23, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Africa, Bible Distribution
      Joel receives his Bible from TWR Kenya staff.
      Joel receives his Bible from TWR Kenya staff.

      TWR Kenya broadcasts programming in many different Kenyan dialects to diverse groups of people, including the unreached and marginalized living in remote areas of the country. The people living in these areas have little to no access to the gospel apart from TWR broadcasts. God has blessed us with an incredible opportunity and a serious responsibility to disciple new believers in regions where biblical resources are scarce and it’s dangerous to follow Jesus publicly.

      Recently, TWR Canada partnered with TWR Kenya and Shareword Global to get Bibles in the hands of new believers and church leaders all around Kenya. We are amazed at the demand for Bibles from both listeners and pastors. We are eager to continue helping to bring the Word of God to people who are hungry for Scripture and who may not otherwise have access to it.

      TWR Kenya receives about 10 requests for Bibles every day from people living in predominantly Islamic areas. Our ministry leaders report that most believers in these areas, after surrendering their lives to Christ, are in a difficult position of wanting to grow their faith while not having access to a Bible.

      We know that even more than we do, God wants his children to know, love and mediate on his Word. We have seen his faithfulness in this Bible distribution project, and we trust that he will continue to make a way for new believers in Kenya to receive his Word.

      One man’s story from Kenya shows the goodness and trustworthiness of the God we serve.

      In January, there was a devastating terrorist attack at a hotel in Kenya that took 21 lives. This was a tragic day for many, but God was working in the midst of the terror.

      Before the attack, TWR Kenya had been working to provide a local pastor with new Bibles. The pastor’s friend Joel, a taxi driver, agreed to pick up the Bibles from TWR Kenya the day of the attack but had been so busy with customers that he was running hours late. Joel was waiting for clients at the exact hotel entrance where the attack occurred when he was receiving calls from his pastor friend, pressuring him to head over to the TWR office. Joel wanted to continue ignoring the calls, but he finally gave in to the pastor’s wishes and drove off to get the Bibles.

      When Joel arrived at the office, he was given his own Bible from the TWR Kenya team. It was shortly after this that he learned the terrorist attack happened just 10 minutes after he left the hotel. Had he not been pressured to hurry over to the TWR office, he would still have been in the very place the attack occurred. Joel believes this was not a coincidence but rather a gracious act of our sovereign God.

      “I have been reflecting on yesterday’s event. I am convinced that God had a reason for saving my life and that of my client on the same day I got a Bible gift from TWR Kenya. He wants me to dwell on his Word."

      Joel’s pastor friend also reflects on what happened, “When you look at the flow of events, especially the collection postponement due to my tight schedule and the pressure I gave him to abandon his errands for mine, indeed there was a divine hand in it. I pray that Joel will recognize this testimony and reflect on his spiritual life.”

      God is using the ministry of TWR Kenya in ways we could have never imagined. TWR Kenya broadcasts the gospel and distributes Bibles, but the work doesn’t stop there. God has expanded the ministry to include training pastors, encouraging churches, travelling to meet listeners, supporting missionaries and even organizing mission work in prisons. TWR Kenya has listened to God’s leading and adapted their ministry to meet the needs of their nation, and it’s amazing to see how God has blessed their work. He alone deserves all the glory and honour for all that’s been accomplished through this ministry.

      Please pray for safety for the TWR Kenya team as they boldly distribute and proclaim the Word of God in places where it’s dangerous to do so. Also pray for the believers in and around Kenya who are waiting desperately to receive a Bible, that God would refine and deepen their faith through his Spirit and through fellowship with other believers while they wait.