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    • Sep28Wed

      Cuban Listeners Respond To The Gospel

      September 28, 2011
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      Cuba, Discipleship, Evangelism

      Don't Forget About Us!

      Listeners in Cuba Share What TWR's Radio Programs Mean To Them

      For over 45 years, TWR has been broad­casting Spanish language programming into Cuba. TWR Canada President, Ray Alary was able to visit and hear in person the life-changing testimonies of how God has used TWR to speak hope in Cuba. Here are just a few special stories shared with Ray during his visit.

      “My mother would wake up very early in the morning to listen to TWR. Through TWR all my family became Christians…”

      “I got a radio and put it in my kitchen so I could listen to TWR while I was cooking. I meet many people who have met the Lord through TWR.”

      “Eight years ago, I began to learn about the Word of God. One brother told me about TWR so I began to listen. Our faith is nurtured every night when we listen to TWR’s programs.”

      “When I was a teenager, my mom got sick with cancer. She used to have a small radio where she had marked the dial to the TWR signal. Night after night, I saw her listening to the radio program. Now that I’m older, I listen to TWR and always remember how my mother treasured her radio and marked the position of the TWR broadcast.”

      “One day, I was searching for programs to nurture my faith, and then I found TWR. I began listening to the programs. Every night, I would rush to do my homework and chores so I could listen to my programs. I give thanks for TWR!”

      “Now there is a church in my town – thanks to TWR!”
      Your gifts and prayers are making a difference. Churches are being established and lives are being transformed through the power of the Gospel in Cuba. Learn more about TWR Canada's work in Cuba here.   Save