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    • Nov30Wed

      Church Planters Raised Up Through Radio

      November 30, 2016 by TWR Canada
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      Cuba, Missionaries
      Your support supplied pastors in Cuba with biblical counselling training earlier this month through the ministry Hope For The Heart. Due to the emerging freedoms experienced by Cubans in recent years, pastors are increasingly being called upon to offer counselling and they lack adequate training to offer meaningful help for trauma, abuse, and God's truth for everyday situations.

      Organizers expected about twenty people to attend and over fifty pastors from across the island came to take advantage of the training. They caught a vision for the different ways they could utilize this training to help answer hundreds of listener letters each month and to produce new radio programs. TWR Canada is the primary financial supporter of TWR Cuba in-country ministry and thus we were able to take advantage of our partnership with Hope for the Heart to offer this help to pastors. Thank you for helping to sponsor this training event and help the people in Cuba to grow closer to God and find hope and healing in difficult situations.

      Meet Pastor Alex

      Alex is in his mid-thirties. He has two young sons and even though his wife passed away just 15 days before the training event, because he recognized a need for this material in his own area he attended anyway.

      Alex and his wife became Christians in 2003 through listening to TWR. From Santiago, Alex had a good government job as an accountant at a hotel. They wanted to share their faith with others, but Alex could not openly share his faith without risking his job. Instead, Alex and his wife worked to plant house churches outside of their city. Eventually his employer discovered this and Alex lost his job because as a Christian he could no longer be trusted.

      Alex and his wife decided to become missionaries. He connected with another missionary for accountability and training, but after just one year that missionary left. Their house church had only 12 people at the time, but Alex and his wife became discouraged. They had no job, no money, little experience, and their church was not growing. Through a TWR program heard from Bonaire, Alex heard that all he needed to be a missionary was a Bible, a concordance, a dictionary, and a voice. He had all those things so they kept pressing on and trusting God to supply all their needs.

      In 2009, Alex heard of a pastor in Havana who was producing a radio program for Cubans. Alex wrote letters and TWR Cuba's Ministry Director, Alberto Gonzalez responded. (Alberto has visited Canada for ministry tours in Alberta and Ontario.) Alberto sent his phone number and Alex called him right away. They keep in touch regularly and now Alberto visits Alex and his growing house church of 75 people at least three times a year. During these times Alberto also provides mentorship to Alex and support to believers as needed.

      Pastor Alex's house church in Santiago, Cuba

      Pastor Alex with TWR Cuba's Alberto Gonzalez baptizing a new believer.

      Please pray for Alberto and TWR Cuba in this changing religious landscape in Cuba. Pray for Pastor Alex as he is now a missionary and a single parent to two young boys.