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    • Jan29Tue

      Celebrating God's Faithfulness

      January 29, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      One year ago, TWR upgraded the power of our radio transmitter on the island of Bonaire from 100 kW to 450 kW. We are so excited about this project because it enables a clear signal across the island of Cuba to areas that previously couldn't hear gospel radio programming. In addition, the transmitter reaches much of the Caribbean and parts of South America for the first time (click here for the blog post from one year ago). We even received a report from Russia that they picked up the signal from Bonaire! 

      January 30, 2019, marks one year of the new upgraded signal. We are so encouraged by the testimonies we’ve received and want to share some with you. The following responses are from areas that now receive our signal.

      From Mexico: “I finally heard it again in the
      Yucatán Peninsula after so many years. Thank you.”

      From Ceará, a city in Eastern Brazil: “I'm listening to RTM radio programming here in Ceará through the TWR Bonaire 800 Radio! Every day, in the morning, from 5 a.m. to 6.30 a.m., after I wake up.”

      From Guyana: “I am delighted to share with you that I listened to TWR tonight, Friday, March 2, between 7-8 p.m., the English section of the program. Since you increased the power, I was trying to find you. I finally did tonight. The signal was strong here in St. Vincent. I am so happy. Now I can invite others to listen in. It is now the most powerful AM signal on this island and probably in these parts.”

      In Cuba there have been more letters and email responses from listeners since the upgrade, including this one from a local pastor:

      “Cuban people don't have much hope when they look at life in a natural way. The economy in Cuba is not strong and the average person only earns $20 a month ... With the radio program, we can point people to God, so they can find help with their problems. They can learn how to look to God as their source for help. Without God, life is crumbling in Cuba. Despite all the problems, ever since the 90’s, churches are packed and there is a big explosion of new Christians. Many Christians in Cuba, however, don't have access to a Bible. Pastors rarely have the benefit of receiving formal training or attending seminary. Today, pastors will write sermons based on what they have heard on the radio or have read in the devotionals. We have heard pastors saying, ‘We use TWR devotionals to write our sermons.'”

      As well, others in Cuba are letting us know that they are receiving the signal and are rejoicing that they can hear our programs. Consider the following:

      “May God bless you more, I can listen to you again! After many years of longing for the signal to come back!”

      “Good evening. My mother has tuned in to Christian radio. She says that you broadcast from Havana. Is that true? Are you on AM or FM in Cuba? ... My mother and I are thrilled, even if we are not Christians. To simply hear another way of thinking on the radio, with emphasis on life and helping individuals is sublime.”

      “God bless you abundantly. I thank God that approximately two weeks ago from 7:30 p.m. we started to tune in to Trans World Radio at home for the first time. Sometimes I'm still working in the kitchen at this time and so far, I have not been able to learn the schedules of the programs. But among them, I've heard some programs that have all had wonderful tips for my life …”

      God is working in Cuba! Thank you for praying with us for Latin America as some are hearing the gospel for the first time. Please continue to pray that many will hear the good news through these broadcasts.