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    • Jun1Wed

      Burundi Listeners Encouraged

      June 1, 2016
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      Africa, Discipleship

      TWR Canada funds translation and printing media project

      Radio Programs

      TWR Canada sponsors two programs aired on Burundi National Radio. Good News for All is a 60 minute Kirundi program aired weekly (a 30 minute sermon plus 30 minutes of testimonies and Christian music). The second program is Jesus is the Answer. This is a 30 minute weekly program dealing with common challenges faced by young people.

      These programs are recognized and valued across the country and reach 10million listeners in Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.
      Bible Distribution
      Last year, in partnership with the Gideons International in Canada, TWR Burundi distributed Bibles with a leaflet inside promoting the two programs mentioned above, as well as others, along with a printed schedule. Many new listeners have found TWR through that distribution, and because we know exactly where each Bible went our partners were able to follow up with each new listener. Many new listeners express a desire to be discipled in the faith and request additional resources.

      Translation and Printing
      TWR Canada had the opportunity to fund the translation, printing and distribution of two books into KiRundi to help listeners grow in their faith. The two books are: Your Quest For God and Food For Faith. The translation and printing for Your Quest For God is complete. Our on-the-ground partners have been visiting listeners in seven different provinces since April, meeting with them and distributing copies of Your Quest For God. We expect the translation and printing on the second book to begin soon.

      Testimony from the man with the microphone in the photo above:

      My name is Oscar. I love so much TWR programs. I thank God so much for TWR to give me a book Your Quest for God. I believe it will strengthen my faith. I can’t wait to read it and finish all of it. I feel that the relationship between me and TWR will be increased so much. May the Lord bless TWR and sponsors!

      Thank you to all our sponsors who helped make this project possible. Because of you, many people in Burundi have access to a resource to help grow their faith. Pray for those on the ground as the distributions continue, and for the process that must begin all over again to translate and print the second book.

      Learn more about TWR programming in Burundi here.