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    • Dec9Wed

      Be an Encouragement to our Missionaries this Christmas

      December 9, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Africa, Missionaries, South America, Europe
      2020 has been a challenging year for our overseas missionaries. Many organizations pulled their missionaries back to Canada when the pandemic began as it has not been possible to do the work they do when they can't meet together. Our missionaries chose to stay in the field to ensure that the crucial work continues, though they have faced many challenges as a result.

      As our missionaries around the world continue to serve faithfully in the midst of this new and difficult reality of COVID-19, we want to applaud them and uplift them in their calling.

      Would you join us in sending notes of encouragement along to our missionaries this Christmas? Simply reply to with your words of encouragement by Monday, December 21 and we will pass them along to our missionaries. Thank you for your support!

      Read more about what our missionaries are doing below. 

      In France, Vincent and Trina Collet serve at the local radio station Phare FM. The country of France is in the midst of another lockdown period. Non-essential stores are closed and domestic travel restrictions are being enforced.
      The general atmosphere is a bit gloomy and we sometimes feel like it's an endless bad dream,” said Vincent Collet. “Overall, we are ok. We are in good health and don't lack anything. In the midst of all this the Lord is taking care of us.”

      Please pray for the Collets as they manage life under another lockdown. Pray for their daughters as they are having a difficult time adjusting in school.

      The Penner family serves in Bolivia, where Henry works at the transmitter station. There have been various levels of lockdown in Bolivia, but Henry has been able to continue to travel to the station and make sure the broadcasts continue to run. Schools continue to be shut down, so the Penner kids are following a curriculum from home.

      Continue to pray for the safety of the Penners and that the programs broadcast in Bolivia will speak hope to the listeners.

      The Dunlops serve in South Africa, where Nathan works as a multi-media specialist. The Dunlops came to Canada on furlough in November of 2019 and have not been able to return to the field due to the pandemic.
      “Of course, we would like to be back on the field,” says Nathan, “but God has reminded us that we still are. Although we may not be in South Africa, he has placed us here ‘for such a time as this.’ Our prayer has always been that God would use us where he sees fit.”
      Nathan had his computer shipped to Canada and has been able to work on a number of video projects for TWR, including Leadership Essentials, a new 12-week small group training workshop that will be available soon. Megan and Nathan are also serving at their church, training sound technicians and developing a ministry that blesses the worship team.
      In addition to the Dunlops, our missionaries who serve in China are also home. They are eager to return to the field. Pray for patience for our missionaries currently in Canada who wish to return to the countries they serve in.
      In Eswatini, the Clarke family serves at the transmitter site. On November 1, Greg transitioned from the role of office manager to station director. Ingrid continues to work as the finance manager with the added duty of supervising Rebekah and Caleb as they do online schooling. Quarantine has been difficult for Ingrid as she enjoys getting out of the house and interacting in the community.

      Pray for Greg as he adjusts to his new role at the station and pray for Ingrid as she balances her work as well as caring for, teaching and supervising the kids. TWR staff in Eswatini continue to produce and broadcast special programming for those who have been affected by COVID-19. Pray that these programs will bring hope to those who are hurting in a hard time.