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    • Jun30Wed

      A Worldwide Reach: Discipleship Essentials

      June 30, 2021 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Discipleship Essentials, Testimonies

      Discipleship Essentials is being used in many ways and in many formats across the world. The newest way we are sharing DE is through the radio! We have translated 52 radio programs based on a selection of DE lessons (for a year-long weekly radio program) in French. One listener shared: “I am very happy to listen to such a well-thought-out program to help those who are struggling, like me, to nurture and disciple me from repentance to spiritual maturity. I do not miss the Discipleship Essentials program and the teachings! I practice with my children so that everyone learns to mentor a young convert to Christ. God bless you.” Praise God for the many ways DE is having an impact around the world.

      Kashifah and Eliasaph are our Discipleship Essentials Champions in Edmonton. A DE Champion is a local partner whose mandate is to encourage the use of DE content in local discipleship ministries, provide follow-up and plan ongoing training. For over a year, they have been connecting with four international students from NorQuest College. Kashifah shares the story: “It all started before the pandemic, back in November 2019, when I met three of these girls in the NorQuest cafeteria. We became friends right away, as they were looking for a place to rent and I knew a suitable and secure place for them. Two days later, Eliasaph and I took them to his uncle and aunt’s house who were looking for renters for their basement. The place fit their needs and all was set. I then started to meet these girls in the cafeteria a few times a month and started to visit Eliasaph’s uncle’s house to see how they were and to worship and pray with them. Slowly, we started to have a worship and Bible study gathering with them twice a month. We did this for over a year before they were prepared to know Christ personally. During this time, a fourth girl was also added to their group, so we were now ministering to four girls. On April 3, 2021, just a day before Easter, Eliasaph and I invited them to have a meal with us. We took this time to share a meal, worship and pray with them and share the gospel using the Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Eliasaph and I shared the meaning of God’s plan for this world and how Jesus is the only way to eternal life. We also told them why it is so important to accept him as our personal Lord and Saviour. Praise God that they prayed with us to follow Christ! They are now committed to following the teachings of Jesus and we meet twice a month to continue to minister to them using DE. With every visit they are getting stronger in their faith and understanding of the Word of God. Please remember these girls in your regular prayers.”  Praise God for this amazing testimony of lives changed through Discipleship Essentials!

      Another partner, Together Network, is now doing ministry in Arabic and French across the Middle East and North Africa. The French ministry also reaches across Europe, particularly working with refugees. We received this testimony from Morocco, where a woman called, requesting to be baptized. The telephone operator asked her why and how she had come to know Christ. She replied, “I like to read, and I don’t have the money to buy new books. At the market, I can buy old books at cheap prices.” She found a very old Bible, which is rare in Morocco because it’s a Muslim nation, and they sold it to her very cheaply. “I started to read the Bible. And then I decided to follow Christ. Then a friend connected me to your WhatsApp group (where they share the DE videos and PDFs). Because of these videos, one year later, I am excited and confident in knowing that I am a Christian! I want to announce this and connect with other Christians and share Jesus with others.”

      Praise Jesus for the unique way this woman came to follow him. Please pray for the staff at Together Network as they continue to share the hope of Jesus through DE, by running online groups and hosting various training events across the region.

      It is very encouraging to see how the Lord is using DE to empower the Church in South Asia. The team shared the following impact story with us: “Hamza* is a mechanic at a garage where all his coworkers including the owner are Muslims. He is often faced with questions about Christ, Christianity and the Bible. He has often tried to answer his coworkers’ questions but has not been able to give satisfactory answers. A pastor visited the garage to get his car repaired. When Hamza found out he was a pastor, he asked for his help on the issue. The pastor gave him an SD card with DE on it and told him to go through the material. Gradually, through this material and with the help of the pastor, he was able to gain more understanding about Jesus and Christianity. This knowledge and guidance gave him the confidence to guide others and to answer inquiries about Christianity with clarity. We continue to follow up with Hamza and he is growing in his spiritual life. We can’t forget his words: ‘DE is a helper given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ so that I could give witness to him for all those who don’t know Christ and who want to know him. Although I need to keep learning, DE has made me confident in understanding the gospel.’”

      Praise God for the way DE is working in the hearts of people all around the world!

      *Name changed for security reasons.