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    • Dec11Wed

      A Platform to Share the Good News

      December 11, 2019 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Evangelism, Bible Distribution

      TWR Nepal is continuing to spread the gospel through the most effective and popular media platform in their country, FM radio stations. Despite the devastation of monsoon season, the TWR Nepal team was able to visit listeners in a number of villages in two of the districts of the Bhojpuri-speaking community.

      Avrind, a local pastor and TWR Nepal presenter and producer, led staff on these visits. The team met listeners individually in their homes and organized six different listener meetings/rallies with over 250 listeners. At each site visit, TWR Nepal designated times to share the message of God’s love, hope and salvation. They gave encouragement and counseling to listeners and prayed for them. Staff distributed 200 Bibles, seven radio sets, and 450 radio program guides during this trip as well.

      The response from their visits and programming was unexpected and overwhelming. “I get so many calls from non-Christians and even Muslim listeners,” says Avrind. Non-Christian listeners often invite him to visit them and teach them more about Jesus and the Bible that he talks about on the radio. So far, two listeners have joined his church because of his constant follow-up and counseling.

      Because of this radio program, Arvind has become well-known and respected among people including political figures, government officials, local NGOs and Christians. He remembers the past, when he was looked down upon by his Hindu neighbours, villagers, friends and families, because of his low caste and economic situation. “Yes, I still do not have good economic status, but I have received respect and acceptance in the community. The Lord Jesus Christ has given me great access and a platform of opportunity to share the good news of Christ. Wherever I go, whether in meetings of any political parties, government, community or church, I am considered a distinguished guest. This has boosted and encouraged my morale and given me the courage to do more evangelism work for my Lord Jesus. Let the name of Jesus be glorified! Thank you TWR for giving me this opportunity.” We praise God for opening doors in Nepal through the Bhojpuri radio program!

      Pratap is an active believer and listener of the program. He lost his daughter and wife in the span of three months and was devastated. On top of this, he was suffering from an unknown sickness. “I was like a dead person,” he said. While losing hope in life, some people told him to go to church for prayers. “That is where I first heard about Jesus Christ. I felt so peaceful and joyful knowing about Jesus who cares for and loves the souls of each person equally irrespective of caste and creed. He answered the prayers of my broken heart, and I am convinced that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. Now, I am not only delivered from my sin but my physical sickness too.” Now, as a lonely and single Christian in a large village, Pratap spends a lot of time listening to the radio. “It encourages me, comforts me and guides me to be closer to my Lord. God put in me an intense desire to share the gospel with my neighbours, but due to my lack of ability to communicate clearly, I’m not able to do so. Thank God that this radio program is doing this. I play my radio set outside in the village courtyard every time the Bhojpuri program is broadcast. All walks of people including old men, women, youth and kids in my village listen to the Bhojpuri radio program with immense interest. That is how I share the gospel with my neighbours. This program is popular and well listened to in our village. People like it so much that if I am out of the village or house during broadcasting time, or I forget to play it on time, they ask me to play it. Thanks to God for giving us this radio program in our language, impacting lives gradually. Many people are showing great interest in wanting to know Jesus in depth. Please do pray for them!”

      The Bhojpuri programs are being broadcast from three FM stations, which reach almost one million people. Listeners are hearing the life-changing good news of Christ in their heart language! As a result, they are realizing that regardless of their status in life, they can find comfort in knowing God’s word. We are grateful to work with the TWR Nepal team in bringing hope to Nepal and the surrounding regions. Please pray that people in Nepal would come to know the Lord as a result of the Bhojpuri radio programs.