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    • Apr23Tue

      A Nation Mourns: The Aftermath of Tragedy on Easter Sunday

      April 23, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      Asia, Violence, Sri Lanka
      As we woke up here in Canada on Easter Sunday, we were bombarded with the news: “Sri Lanka blasts. At least 140 people dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions.” (CNN) This number has since risen to more than 320 people dead and hundreds more with injuries. The news stung and continues to linger. It was to be a day of great rejoicing as we celebrated the victory of the resurrection of our Saviour. Instead, a deep sadness fell over followers of Christ as we joined Sri Lanka in mourning the loss of life. 

      We are thankful that the team in Sri Lanka are all reported as safe. We ask that you join with us in continuing to pray for them, their families and their communities as they seek to be a beacon of hope to the people they interact with in the coming days. 

      TWR Canada works with the team on the ground to produce and air the audio program God’s Unique Book. One great benefit to this program is that the team that writes the content is able to make sure it is applicable to the people by selecting topics that are of most relevance to listeners. In the coming weeks and months, the team in Sri Lanka will continue to ensure that the message communicated is one of hope, one that stirs hearts to forgiveness, one that encourages its listeners to love their enemies and pray for those who persecute them, and one that expresses the joy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ of those who call him Lord, even in pain and suffering. 

      All eyes are on the Church now, and how we respond is important. Our response needs to be that which gives hope to a hurting world. We need to be a people who follow the commands of Jesus: Who love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44 ESV).

      Please pray for our team. Pray that they would be unified as they move forward. Pray that they would be an encouragement to their community. And pray that many would come to know Jesus Christ as a result of this act of violence and that God would be honoured and glorified as a result.

      As you pray, would you also consider financially supporting the gospel work in Sri Lanka? Your gift today will be used to share the message of hope in Christ to the hurting population of Sri Lanka. You can contact our office by email or phone, 888-672-6510 or visit our website to learn more or donate online. Thank you.