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    • Jan8Tue

      A Look Back at the Past Year

      January 8, 2019 A letter by TWR Canada President

      2018 has been a year like no other! God has opened doors for ministry and has provided beyond our expectation financially. I am always amazed at how God is one step ahead of us. 

      What did God being one step ahead of us look like in 2018?  Let me try to give you a bird’s eye view.

      In June of this year our board gave approval for us to move ahead with the purchase of an office in London. The price tag was huge in my mind, but I have learned over time that if God wants something to happen, it really doesn’t matter what the price tag is. He obviously wanted this to happen, because in a short time, he led us to the right property, he put the financial resources together and on November 28 we moved our office. That is the bird’s eye view; this update would be pages long if I included all the details. Over 250 donors made a financial commitment to the project. Our staff is so grateful for your support. 

      A year earlier the board gave approval for another piece of property to be purchased in Toronto for our Chinese ministry centre. We raised the funding for this property quietly due to security issues, so let me give you a summary of how this project happened. We asked donors who support our Chinese ministry to consider having a financial part in this project. Then God supplied the funding in a short period of time, and we started an extensive renovation process. In mid-December, the final inspection was completed, and we passed. Paid in full, yes; God quietly supplied all the funding that was needed. This centre is vital to the ministry and we are praising God for his goodness. 

      Discipleship Essentials is one of our key ministry focuses. Let me give you an overview of what is happening around the globe. In the Middle East, over 4,000 DE home groups are functioning and over 1,400 Muslims have come to faith as a result of this ministry. DE is being used as curriculum in Bible colleges in Egypt, and over 3000 home groups are functioning in the Philippines. As well, DE is being used in Canada, India and Pakistan as a discipleship training tool. God is also opening the door in closed countries in Africa. We are truly amazed by the impact of this tool. Discipleship Essentials began through an individual’s dream and some God-orchestrated connections and has grown bigger than we would have ever imagined. Now, we can see in a tangible and measurable way how the church around the world is assisted through this tool. We can only thank God for allowing us to be the ministry he has used to make this happen.

      There is so much to be thankful for and you have all had a part in it. Whether it is through prayer, through helping us financially or by another means, you are a part of making ministry happen. 

      Each project has a story behind it. This year we have been able to have a part in 70+ projects in 50+ countries! Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Benin, Ivory Coast and Algeria are all countries that come to mind as I write this note. There are so many more that I cannot tell you about each project, but you can be kept up-to-date on the majority of our ministry projects by signing up for our weekly e-updates. I encourage you to do that if you haven’t already. 

      As I close this note, I want to say thank you again for being a part of our team. Through working together, we can accomplish much.

      As 2019 begins, we ask to continue to stand with us, we are looking forward to seeing what God will do this year; we are excited as we step out in faith once again. 

      May the Lord clearly direct you as you consider the part you will have in 2019 in bringing Christ to the nations.