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    • Feb12Tue

      A Long-Lasting Impact in Armenia

      February 12, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
      Many Armenians believe that because their state religion is Christianity they are Christians. However, many have never experienced a personal relationship with Jesus. Child Evangelism Fellowship Armenia is a TWR Canada partner there, committed to reach out to their fellow Armenians with the truth of the gospel. They utilize a variety of programming, such as summer programming aimed at children and teenagers. CEF Armenia has found that engaging with children and teens in the summer is particularly effective, as they are not in school and have more free time.

      Last year, TWR Canada partnered with CEF Armenia and a Canadian foundation to host several Vacation Bible Schools for children and three teen conferences. They held Vacation Bible Schools in 40 places across the country, with over 2,000 children attending! We know of 437 children who made the decision to follow Christ.

      This programming doesn’t just reach the children in the towns and villages where they are hosted. CEF Armenia hears from the local communities of the far-reaching impact. One mother, whose children attended the VBS, said that her faith in the Lord grew through her children’s attendance. The Word of God touched her heart, and she has great peace. She hopes that CEF Armenia will organize another VBS in her village next year.

      The mayor of one village where a VBS was held asked to see the organizers. He shared that he was encouraged to see that CEF Armenia has a good program for the children of the village and invited CEF Armenia to return throughout the year to host similar programs and activities.

      CEF Armenia is also reaching out to teenagers in Armenia through conferences designed to provide them with opportunities for discipleship and growth in their faith. CEF Armenia has seen the cyclical effect of this: teens attend and grow in their relationship with Jesus and then they begin to share their faith and volunteer with CEF Armenia.

      Over 120 teenagers attended the conferences, where they learned about the importance of walking in God’s light, Satan’s lies and the power of the tongue. Below are some of the testimonies from the teenagers:

      “Satan is very tricky; he is able to confuse people easily. If he could make Eve doubtful, even when she was not guilty, then how strong should we be and how steady should we stand on God’s Word in order to resist Satan. The tongue has power to lead, to destroy, to cause both good and bad results. One can’t bring back the words one has uttered, and consequently one should think before speaking. We should change our tongues, never forgetting that we are created in God’s image, never gossiping and never mocking. We shouldn’t live as pagans because we haven’t learned Christ in this way. We should construct ourselves by the Word of God, throwing away the old person and wearing the new one, which is created in God’s image.” – Harutunyan

      "During this conference I have learned to become more alert in my spiritual life, and I have decided to pass on the knowledge I received here to my brothers.” – Hayk

      Hayk is not the only one who wants to take what he has learned and pass along that knowledge. Aram is a 15-year-old boy who has attended the teen conferences and other CEF Armenia programs for many years. During the summer of 2018, for the first time, he volunteered to help with CEF Armenia’s summer programs. He was so excited to be a part of the team and part of the ministry who helped him learn God’s truth.

      TWR Canada and CEF Armenia are reaching out to the teens and children in the country, introducing them to Christ and discipling them in their faith. Join us in praying for the children and teens of Armenia, for the seeds of faith that are being planted and the growth in faith that we are seeing in their lives.