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    • Feb19Tue

      A History of God's Faithfulness

      February 19, 2019 By the TWR Canada Team
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      TWR Swaziland airs programs in 31 languages, reaching millions of people in southern, eastern and central Africa with the hope of Christ. But there’s more to it – this TWR location has quite the history!

      Over 45 years ago, TWR purchased the plot of land where they would build a transmitter that would reach many in southern Africa. As construction plans were laid out, it became clear that purchasing and transporting the sand to construct a building would be much more expensive than originally planned. Where would they get the money? The team started praying that God would provide the funds, never dreaming that he had a much bigger idea of how he would provide!

      Not too long later, Swaziland experienced a severe thunderstorm that lasted for three days. When the workers came to check for damage at the site, many people were worried. Would there be extensive damage, requiring much more work and more money to get their project up and running? Instead of damage, they discovered something very different. Sand! A vast amount of sand had been deposited in the stream next to the site, and upon testing, they realized that it was the exact quality of sand they needed! What had originally looked like a disaster turned out to be God’s provision of exactly what they were asking him for!

      The transmitter site has been broadcasting since November 1, 1974. Today, the site consists of three 100-kilowatt shortwave transmitters and a 100-kilowatt medium-wave transmitter that broadcasts across southern, eastern and central Africa. And it is at this station that Canadian missionaries Greg and Ingrid Clarke serve.

      Greg is the office manager and IT systems administrator, which means he deals with a large variety of things: IT infrastructure, internet connections and technical issues, staff concerns, budgets and payroll. Ingrid is the finance manager, dealing with incoming and outgoing funds. Greg has served with TWR since 1995 in various locations. Ingrid and Greg were married in South Africa in 2005 and she joined Greg in ministry with TWR in Johannesburg. The Clarkes have served in Swaziland for the last five years. They have two children, Rebekah and Caleb. 

      They are currently on furlough raising support for their ministry, as currency exchange and health plan costs have risen recently. If you would like to contribute to their support, please contact us! As well, if you are in Alberta, they will be joining us at several tour events in April. They will also be at the TWR Canada table at Mission Fest Alberta in Edmonton on February 23 and 24. They would love to meet you at any of these events.