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    • Jul1Wed

      A Canadian Harvest

      July 1, 2020 by the TWR Canada Team
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      Canadian Ministry, Evangelism
      When people hear the word missions, most think of travelling far away from home to spread the good news. But we don’t have to go anywhere to do this! The world is at our doorstep. Canada continues to welcome thousands of immigrants and refugees into the country each year. According to the Stats Canada 2016 Census, 22.3% of Canada’s population speak immigrant languages.

      As we celebrate Canada Day today, we wanted to share with you some of the exciting opportunities happening right here at home!
      Outreach in Edmonton

      Kashifah and Eliasaph are our Discipleship Essentials Champions in Edmonton. A DE Champion is a local partner whose mandate is to encourage the use of DE content in local discipleship ministries, provide follow-up and plan ongoing training.

      “Eliasaph and I continue to meet, teach, encourage and pray with our DE groups online through Zoom and social media networks. I am excited to share that God is bringing many new individuals into our ministry network! There are hundreds that have started following us and we continue to receive comments and testimonies of how our teaching and praying for individuals and families are blessing and encouraging them. We see a tremendous change and transformation in the lives of those learning from Discipleship Essentials. Some are now able to pray in public; some now have a hunger to learn and grow in God’s Word. Many now understand the importance of witnessing and sharing their faith. All glory goes to God!!!!”

      The new project that Eliasaph and Kashifah are working on is the “GO Worshippers” and “GO Leaders” movement (Global Online Worshipper and Leaders) — “GO” being from Matthew 28:18-20. They are developing a network of global worshippers and ministry and church leaders, meeting with them on Zoom to worship together, train and teach using DE and equip these leaders for online global outreach. They expect to bring 25-30 people on to the platform to start and expand as God allows. “I am really excited for this movement and pray that God may bring in committed and faithful individuals for the expansion of his kingdom,” reported Kashifah. Praise God for these new initiatives developing online!
      How can you speak the good news to your neighbours?

      People are most responsive to the gospel when it is presented in their own heart language. We see this in the story of Pentecost (Acts 2) when believers are given the ability to speak in other languages. The result: many come to Christ! But what if you can’t speak the language of your new neighbours? We can help! We have developed a multitude of media resources and training tools to help you reach out effectively in your community.

      Discipleship Essentials, our library of over 130 à la carte lessons is being used by over 10,000 small groups around the world, including here in Canada. Thousands have come to faith through the outreach initiatives of these groups. Use it for small groups or ask your neighbour to study with you in their heart language, as you explore together who Jesus is. Available in Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Cebuano, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese.

      Bible Stories Alive offers engaging Bible stories for children. Listen to Mrs. G bring the Bible alive in English, or listen to translations in Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and Swahili at www.twr360.org.

      TWR360 enables anyone, anywhere, at any time to gain easy access to a wide range of Christian digital resources in his or her own heart language. Content in more than 80 languages is available via www.twr360.org and the TWR360 app for Android and iOS.
      Our media players offer an easy way to start meaningful spiritual conversations. Consider buying some to give as gifts as part of a neighbourhood outreach, for visitors or new Canadians. Available in a growing list of languages, these devices contain an audio Bible and selected messages on the books of Luke, John, Acts, Galatians, Hebrews and Proverbs. Device content can also be customized. Check our website (www.twr.ca/media-players) for more details and pricing, including discounts for churches and ministries.

      Talking about our faith can feel uncomfortable. Many Canadian Christians view their faith as personal and private. However, most followers of other faiths are not offended when we share our own beliefs. In fact, they often expect us to share our faith with them if it is important to us! We encourage you to use the tools mentioned above to step out in faith and share the gospel! We all have a role to play in building God’s kingdom. Tell us your stories!

      Have you been connecting with your neighbours and sharing your faith? Let us know! Email us at info@twr.ca to share your stories!