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    • Nov25Wed

      5 New Projects Around The World

      November 25, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      TWR Canada staff recently met with our Board of Directors to go over a variety of projects that we've been asked to fund around the world. We have dozens of projects going on at any given time, but these projects were either brand new to TWR Canada, or were expansions of existing ministries.

      These projects were fully funded outside of our planned budget as a result of bequests that we have received from faithful donors who have named TWR Canada in their will. (TWR Canada balances our budget every year without the need for these funds, which allows us to invest them in special or urgent needs over and above our plans for the year.) Learn more about planned giving. One of the things we love about these proposals was that they all involve (or will involve) an on-the-ground ministry component. We are passionate about enabling projects that will not only include a media component, but through a variety of partnerships engage listeners in their daily lives through additional resources to grow their faith, prayer networks, church networks, or training.

      Champions Arise - Spanish

      We are pleased to fund Champions Arise, a new men's discipleship ministry of TWR. Through 52 15minutes episodes, the program emphasizes prayer, partnerships, and connecting with local churches. This programming will be airing in Uruguay, and will be under-girded by a prayer network ministry.

      The Way of Righteousness - Arabic

      The Way of Righteousness is a collection of 100 programs that examine the writings of the Biblical prophets from Genesis to Revelations. The program is designed to help young adults from a non-Christian background realize that Jesus wasn't just a prophet but the Son of God. This program has been available in parts of Africa for many years, and now we're bringing it to Arabic-speaking people in North Africa and the Middle East.

      Discipleship Essentials - Refugee Ministry

      TWR Canada's Discipleship Essentials (DE) ministry will initiate an Arabic distribution and training project in the Middle East and Europe. Our aim is to train and equip on-the-ground Arabic church leaders in countries where refugees are fleeing from and to, and provide personal media devices (media players, SD cards, USB drives) containing DE content.

      Sri Lanka Broadcasting

      TWR Canada has been funding the Tamil language program God's Unique Book in Sri Lanka. In addition to staff responding to listener calls and texts, TWR Asia will now see field staff deployed through a local partner to villages to form radio home groups for discipleship and fellowship.

      Burundi Printing and Translation

      TWR Canada has funded two broadcasts in Burundi for several years: Good News For All and Jesus Is The Answer. These programs reach beyond Burundi into neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Staff often receive requests for additional resources to supplement the programming they listen to on the radio. TWR Canada will fund the translation and printing to two book resources to be given for free to listeners expressing interest in receiving additional literature to grow their faith.