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    • Feb18Wed

      3 Prayer Requests For Discipleship Essentials

      February 18, 2015 by TWR Canada
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      Discipleship, Discipleship Essentials
      We've been talking about Discipleship Essentials (DE) for a good while now, but this year we're launching -- have launched -- this exciting new tool in English and are working on translations in several languages. In addition to English, we've begun production in Arabic, Bengali, Cebuano, Farsi, French, Hindi, Kyrgyz, Mandarin, Russian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

      McDaniel Phillips is coordinating DE and last week met with several of the program's video presenters and producers. One of his goals for the two-day meeting was to bring together the team working in various parts of the world and shift the focus from working on a project to building a ministry.

      "We were able to recognize that God has given us a significant tool in DE and helped us define what that ministry will be," McDaniel said.

      The ministry of DE will engage and train the leaders working on-the-ground on how to get the most out of this tool. They'll have to change their thinking, change how they do things, and that's going to be difficult for some.

      "Traditionally, leaders preach and the people receive that message. They may go out and try to parrot the message they've heard even if they don't fully understand it. Even if it's not entirely correct," McDaniel said.

      DE will ask leaders to take more of a facilitator role and teach people to get into the Bible and discover the answers for themselves. "The leader needs to learn how to ask open-ended questions; when to admit they may not have the answer; and when they should take a step back and let people discover the answer for themselves," McDaniel said.

      McDaniel offers 3 prayer requests for DE:

      • Pray that as people see the English version of DE, they will catch the vision of how this tool can help in other languages.
      • Pray for additional presenters and translators in various languages. We're not looking for actors or people trained in video presentation, but rather on-the-ground ministry partners willing to be the face and voice of DE in their language.
      • Pray that we keep in step with the Spirit and move ahead in His timing, not ours. We've got to manage this ministry not control it.
      Pictured above: Discipleship Essentials presenter and production team