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    • Jan20Wed

      25 Years Ago There Were No Roma Believers

      January 20, 2016
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      Discipleship, Evangelism, Europe

      Reaching The Most Unwanted People Group In Europe

      “Even if only one is saved, it’s worth it,” was a common saying of TWR founder Dr. Paul Freed. In the former Yugoslavia, the Roma people of Macedonia are a minority group and come primarily from a Muslim background. The Roma people are found throughout Europe.

      The Roma (or Romani) people are often referred to (by the derogatory term) as gypsies. Historically, they have been known to travel widely and are thought to have originated in India and maintained to varying degrees the caste system. Their reluctance in the past to register themselves as citizens of any country has left them out of any social programming or helps, and the societal stereotypes see them as outcasts.

      TWR created a program in 2009 called The Voice of Truth that airs on a small Roma radio station in Prilep (the third largest city in Macedonia). This is a one-hour weekly program in the Balkan Romani language. Broadcasts in Macedonia (in the Macedonian language) were stopped because the size of the region made securing funding a problem. The Roma broadcasts were in jeopardy of being stopped meaning these people would have had no access to the gospel.

      Werner Kroemer is Vice President of Global Operations for TWR, and the Roma people are very close to his heart. He writes, “They are the most unwanted people group in Europe.”
      There were no Roma Evangelical believers 25 years ago, and since TWR aired programs in the Romani language a church was built.

      TWR Canada is proud to be a partner in this ministry and see it continue.

      “In spite of all the rejection [faced by the Roma people], our Lord Jesus is currently building His church among this people group. Interestingly, while the Church in Europe is largely in decline, the Roma Church is growing,” writes Werner Kroemer. “Through the radio broadcasts, we are preaching the Gospel to the poorest of the poor here in Europe. I am so excited that TWR Canada will financially support this important ministry in 2016.”

      The Voice of Truth is written by a Roma pastor Edijan Selioski from Prilep and the program will feature preaching, testimonies, and music intended to encourage and disciple the Roma people. Please pray for these programs and those who will hear it.