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    • Equipping Chinese Leaders In Canada

      Students Graduate From SOTA Program in Toronto

      Since 2012, Dr William Tsui and his team have worked tirelessly to update the SOTA (Seminary on the Air) program and offer more resources on a variety of platforms and devices. The program is designed to be completed in 3-4 years and represents a significant commitment from students. There are SOTA students studying around the world, though the majority of them are in China.

      Dr Tsui writes...
      The main goal for SOTA is to equip workers for the churches in China, but there are also needs in other countries where there are mainland Chinese Christians who want to equip themselves. SOTA provides seminary level training in Mandarin where students must study, write essays, and reach a minimum standard of proficiency to graduate.

      After graduation or even during their training, they can serve in their churches where they are or when they return to China. We were very pleased to have about 90 people out to the graduation held in Toronto a few weeks ago. Students, former students, family and friends came from as far away as Red Deer, Winnipeg , Hamilton, and London.
      In 2017, we expect to have over 30 graduates.

      They will either help the first generation pastors in pastoring the church or they will become part of the pastoral team. SOTA is important for the Mainland Chinese churches in Canada because many are first generation Christians and first generation pastors. Equipping these Christians can provide great help to the mainland Chinese churches in Canada. These graduates will serve as leaders, Bible teachers, and group leaders in the churches.
      SOTA Team in Toronto

      We have seen slow but steady progress in the SOTA program, and as more graduate and go on to lead and help lead their churches, God's kingdom will grow and increase. All glory to God! SaveSaveSaveSaveSave