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Fall 2020

Echo: Making God's Glory Resound
In March of 2009, my family had the privilege of visiting the Holy Land on a tour coordinated by my parents. One day, we visited St. Anne’s Church in Jerusalem, beside the Pool of Bethesda. Built in 1138, this medieval church is well known for its acoustic features. We sang a hymn, led by the powerful baritone voice of my father. When we concluded our singing, the sound continued for what seemed like an eternity. There was a sustained echo, a reverberation, that left us breathless with barely a dry eye in the room.
Devoted Faith
We are grateful to work with the TWR Nepal team to bring hope to Nepal and the surrounding regions. Avrind, a local pastor and TWR Nepal presenter and producer speaks Bhojpuri, the language of over 1.8 million of Nepal’s population. He presents for TWR’s Bhojpuri radio program, which is broadcast on three FM stations. In addition to the radio programming, TWR Nepal makes regular visits to the various Bhojpuri-speaking villages. Through these visits, the team meets with listeners, sharing the gospel with them and distributing program guides, Christian literature, Bibles and radio kits.
Faith that Ripples
In February, TWR Canada President Dan Reese along with past-president Ray Alary had the opportunity to visit some of our ministry partners in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It was an amazing time for Dan to learn more about the ministry and reach of TWR as a global family. Here is one story he heard on that trip:
Snapshots of Grace
“This is a very useful and important program. As a pastor, I cannot have a Sunday service in my church due to the COVID-19 situation and lockdown. The radio home group program is very useful in a time like this. Now most of my believers can feed themselves using the radio home group.” - From a pastor in Sri Lanka
Our Impact
TWR Canada works in all the countries that are marked in blue. We are thankful to God for our ministry in each of these countries. Enjoy these impact stories from across the globe that show how God is using TWR Canada to change lives.

Spring 2020

Still on Mission Dan Reese, TWR Canada President
What does it mean to be “still on mission”? This question has been on my mind as we have seen significant interruption this spring in the way many organizations conduct their “mission”.
God Breaks Down all Barriers
The Middle East is a challenging place to share the gospel. The majority of people living in this region believe in Islam, and religion is often enforced by the government and through cultural practices. TWR staff must work creatively and discreetly to share about Christ as many Muslims who accept Christ face persecution. TWR staff from the Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (CAMENA) office share these stories with us:
Tools and Resources for You and Your Church
For decades, TWR Canada has partnered with the Church to use media to bring people to Christ around the world. Now, the world is at the Church’s own doorstep here in Canada. But people – including these new neighbours – are most responsive to the gospel when it is presented in their own heart language. Are you and your church prepared?
Calling for Hope
In Quebec, less than one per cent of the population considers themselves to be Christian. Ministry is challenging when so many people have not heard the gospel, and many others have hardened their hearts to the Word of God.
Training Radio Home Group Leaders in India
What is a radio home group? The best way to describe a radio home group is a simple, flexible, cost effective and interactive method to help believers mature, grow in fellowship, win others for Christ and quickly multiply.