Changing the Hearts of People - Trans World Radio Canada

Impact Stories

"Dr. P attended a radio home group seminar and learned how to study the Word of God in a group. He got a radio home kit from the TWR India staff. Following this, he started a radio home group in his home with his family members. He regularly ran his group, but his son never agreed to attend. When further probed, he realized that his son was in bad company and had addictive habits. Dr. P began counseling his son and, eventually, his son began attending the radio home group and had a change of heart, becoming a son who obeys his father and follows Jesus Christ. An uncle of Dr. P was vehemently against the gospel and used to stand near the door and quietly listen when the radio home group met. Slowly, he began attending the group and is now an active member of a church. Dr. P praises God for changing the hearts of people."