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Women of Hope

To bring hope to women around the world and across generations

TWR Women of Hope introduces women to the hope found only in Jesus Christ and equips them to discover how that hope transforms their lives.

Women of Hope

Women in many parts of the world are marginalized every day, experiencing high levels of poverty, illiteracy and health crises. TWR Women of Hope addresses women's despair and feelings of hopelessness by encouraging, equipping and engaging them to:


TWR Women of Hope International broadcasts around the world in over 70 languages. From Canada, TWR Women of Hope supports the global prayer ministry, as well as translating, producing and airing the 
Women of Hope broadcasts in Makhuwa (Mozambique),  French (West Africa), Bambara (Mali) and Low German (Canada). In addition in Mozambique, we are using media players to form listener groups in the Makhuwa language.


Hope, Healing and Freedom

PrayerTWR Women of HopeIssues Women FaceViolence
Around the world, the hope of Jesus is changing lives. Women who have heard the gospel truth from the Women of Hope program are finding freedom and healing. As we spend this month praying for women who are experiencing violence, rape and female genital mutilation, please be encouraged by the testimonies we hear from women who are finding hope

Hope for the Helpless

PrayerTWR Women of HopeIssues Women FaceViolence
Bahar’s* story is all too familiar but no less horrifying than those of so many women forced into marriage. Her father abused her, and then when she became older, he forced her to marry an older man. “My husband was an alcoholic. He was not working, and I had to work and bring money home,” Bahar told the TWR Women of Hope team.

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