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    Women of Hope Programs - Listen Today!

    March 23, 2018 By the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Have you ever wondered what the Women of Hope programs are really like? Maybe you’d like to hear them yourself. Well, you can! Programs are currently available in 14 languages on TWR360! And yes, English is one of those languages!

    TWR360 is a library of countless programs from Bible-centered ministries in a variety of topics and interests. There is teaching available in over 50 languages, with more languages in development! It is a tremendous resource, and TWR Women of Hope’s signature program, Women of Hope, you can access that here. You can listen and even download the transcripts.

    What’s in the programs?

    Women of Hope is produced by TWR Women of Hope and has several hundred episodes. Many women around the world are unable to receive an education and are illiterate, therefore an audio program is the perfect tool to reach them. Women can listen to the programs while they go about their day, and it doesn’t require them to be able to read or attend classes.

    The 30-minute program is designed with two components: practical and spiritual. Two or three women chat about a life-issue, such as caring for elderly parents, cooking nutritious meals or postpartum depression. After a brief interlude of music, the hosts share a devotional from Scripture. Programs consist of a blend of interviews, testimonies, audio dramas, Bible studies and music. The programs are then produced locally, and volunteers from local churches or community make up. TWR Women of Hope teams who provide follow-up help. This simple formula has proven to be approachable and is appreciated by many Women of Hope listeners.

    The Women of Hope programs provide hope, healing and biblical leadership lessons to women facing life challenges. Since the first broadcast twenty years ago, the Women of Hope broadcasts are now available in more than 70 languages. Responses have flooded in from many languages, and even men have written in to share how the program taught them how to care for their wives, sisters and mothers.


    “I wait for the [program] every Saturday. Although I’m a man and this program may not be done specifically for me, I find myself learning and enjoying every episode. The program’s segments and style of presenting are attractive and informative. I pray that the women who are listening will find it as beneficial as I do.” (a male listener from Jordan)

    “We have a perception in our culture that a woman is somebody with no value in all aspects of life. This is different from the teachings we are receiving in the Women of Hope programs. Teachings of these programs rank a woman highly and give her value. I want to thank you, dear ones, for the programs…they are powerful and give us hope in difficult situations. God bless you all.” (a listener in Tanzania)

    “Often my children won’t listen to me when I tell them something….I really have been mean to my children a lot. But having listened to the program, it has helped me to take care of my children in a much better way, in every way: how to discipline them, how to feed them properly, and just how to take care of them. People are even asking what has happened in our family, and I answer that the Lord has sent us help in teaching us how to raise our children well.” (a listener in Mali)