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  • Jan22Fri

    "This program taught me so much..."

    January 22, 2021 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope, Education, Testimonies

    In each program, Women of Hope teaches listeners a spiritual lesson and a practical lesson. Both lessons have an impact on the lives of listeners, as seen in the testimonies below:

    "I was going to destroy my child's educational future because of my ignorance. But thanks to the program that encouraged us not to take education and everything about our child lightly, today my child is in school and is very smart." – a listener in Mali 

    "I am a frequent listener of the Women of Hope program. I am deeply grateful and impressed with this initiative. When my husband passed away, I was depressed because of my many obligations. But I have been inspired and motivated a lot by this initiative. This program taught me so much and provided me with hope for life. I hope that this program is a blessing for many people. Thank you." – a listener in Nepal

    "My wife has no job to help our family and I also have no job to help our family. But now we have started a small business, as you taught us on your radio program. Now we can provide for our family.  We praised God for that he opened this door for us. After we started to listen to your program, we saw the hands of God on our lives. We appreciate the teaching and advice on the program. We thank God for your work, and we also remember you in our prayers." – a listener in Ethiopia

    Praise the Lord for the ways he is working in the lives of women around the world!