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  • Apr10Fri

    Spiritual and Physical Healing

    April 10, 2020 by the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope, Devotional, Issues Women Face

    “No mother should die while giving birth—stand up for African mothers.” This is the motto of the audio drama series called Healing Voice. In Ethiopia, TWR Women of Hope uses an audio drama series to address the issue of fistula, a childbirth injury that if left untreated can leave a woman ostracized from her community. This drama series is aired in the Ari language for the purpose of bringing hope to the women and girls experiencing fistulas.

    Healing Voice is a channel of both spiritual and physical healing. The powerful message of the Word of God leads the listeners to receive Jesus as their Lord for eternal healing, but the message also serves as an awareness tool to enable the Ari people to change the harmful cultural and religious practices that are oppressive to women.

    Hirut Beyene, TWR Women of Hope national coordinator in Ethiopia, recently shared: “We thank our Lord for the Healing Voice program and for those who are serving in this ministry. Since the beginning of this project, the aim is to bring awareness to the women in the Ari community that they can improve their life situation. Healing Voice has been instrumental in changing the lives of Ari men too. Healing Voice is influencing and bringing change in the Ari community.”

    An Ethiopian couple recently shared the impact that Healing Voice has had in their lives. The husband shared, “It is good that we heard Healing Voice. Our lives changed. We accepted harmful tradition as the right tradition. If we died or were wounded from these practices, then it added glory for the men. We accepted it. The women have been suffering for a long time from the traditions. The consequences of these traditional practices are harmful to both the mothers and their children.”

    His wife shared, “Before we listened to Healing Voice some of the advice and teachings given to us at the hospital were not very clear. Healing Voice explained in our own heart language and helped us to learn and know more. It opened our eyes to change. It makes life easy and clear.”

    Praise the Lord for the spiritual and physical healing women and girls are experiencing as a result of the Healing Voice program!