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    October 2020 Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    September 25, 2020 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    October 2020

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    Hidden Treasures – a Tool for Transformation

    Hidden Treasures brings hope in Jesus to women trapped in prostitution, using media to share relevant, real-life stories that promote conversations leading to transformation.

    The Hidden Treasures audio dramas have been produced in English and many other European and Asian languages. The ultimate goal is to translate and produce a tool to be used globally. Productions in several additional languages are in various stages of development.

    Through networks, conferences and partnerships, the programs are distributed to organizations that develop relationships with women trapped in prostitution. Since 2018 more than 1,000 digital devices containing the dramas have been distributed to over 50 anti-trafficking organizations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

    Early in 2019, Dr. Peggy Banks organized a Hidden Treasures Task Force to raise awareness, expand the impact and develop additional content to help women leaving prostitution find a deeper walk with God. One development from this is the new hishiddentreasures.com, which houses the European-language versions of this resource.

    The site shares the Hidden Treasures programs and offers an email address that the women can use to reach out for help and care. When TWR Women of Hope receives an email, the ministry connects the sender with an organization familiar with her language and culture. Our partners get to know each survivor of this terrible trade. They listen to her and love her. They offer the Hidden Treasures tool as a way to work through a transition to new life in Jesus.

    “The most important work and key for Hidden Treasures is prayer,” said Eeva Vähäsarja, TWR Women of Hope regional coordinator for Europe and the region of Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. “It is our foundation.”

    Would you join us in praying for the ministry of Hidden Treasures? Pray that God would provide direction for future ministry, for effective teamwork and partnerships, and for trafficked women to find their freedom and restoration in Jesus.


    In October, we are praying for women caught in human trafficking. Please pray …

    1. Lord, give wisdom to the Hidden Treasures Task Force as it develops additional content that would lead women who leave prostitution into a deeper walk with you. (Prov. 2:6)
    2. Father, we pray for the salvation and transformation through the power of Jesus Christ of all those involved in human trafficking. (Isa. 56:1)
    3. Father, give us eyes to see trafficking occurring around us, voices to speak up and courage to get involved in helping to bring an end to this wickedness. 
    4. Lord, may refugees in Romania be kept safe from trafficking and slavery. Move in the hearts of Christians to offer them friendship and love. (Rom.12:10)
    5. We pray for training and job creation for the poor in Indonesia. May families stop sending their daughters abroad as illegal immigrant workers, which often leads them into human trafficking. (Ps. 144:11)
    6. Father, help women escaping North Korea to be led to safety and not be deceived by brokers and sold to brothels. (Exod. 19:4) 
    7. Lord, we pray for the Chinese authorities to play an active role in ending human trafficking and bringing all perpetrators to justice. Please deliver the victims from those who enslave them. 
    8. God, we pray for the 230,000 victims of trafficking in Ukraine who have been lured into "lucrative" work, only to have their passports confiscated, to be forced to work without pay and to live in fear for their lives. (Ps. 31:2)
    9. Lord, thank you that Hidden Treasures is being translated into many new languages. Use this instrument to show women in prostitution that they can have hope and a future.
    10. Father, protect Polish children from kidnapping and trafficking. “They cast lots for my people and traded boys for prostitutes; they sold girls for wine to drink” (Joel 3:3). 
    11. God, rescue the children of Nepal who are not being given an education but are being sold as house slaves and tortured by their captors. (Ps. 25:20)
    12. Lord, let the authorities, social organizations and churches warn young people about the schemes of trafficking. May those who are enslaved regain their freedom and receive healing. (Jer. 17:14) 
    13. Father, we pray that young Indian girls would be valued and protected in their families. Guard them from forced marriage or being sold through brokers. 
    14. We pray for victims of trafficking, slavery and forced marriage, the last of these ordeals forming a part of some traditions or religions in South Africa. Bring change in the hearts of leaders, Father, and may girls find a way of escape. (Ps. 34:22)
    15. We pray for young, innocent girls who are used as “carriers” of drugs and as sex slaves without realizing what they are involved in. This happens after the girls are raped, and fear prevents them from alerting anyone. (Ps. 44:26)
    16. Lord, may poor Indonesian parents value their daughters and not encourage them to choose prostitution to escape poverty. 
    17. God, open our eyes to the people in our own workplaces and churches who are victims of trafficking. May we reach out in love, listening carefully and having the Holy Spirit guide us in how to free them. (1 John 4:21)
    18. Praise God that Finnish intercessors are supporting the production of Hidden Treasures in Hindi and Russian via TWR’s national partner Sansa. The production is now available in nine languages and used as a tool to help sex-trafficking victims. 
    19. We pray for the human-trafficking “masters” who control others. Father, help them see their wickedness and grant them repentance. You alone have the wisdom to change hearts that are spiritually confused, are following tradition or are religiously misinformed.
    20. Pray for South Korea to properly create human-trafficking laws in accordance with international standards. Lord, protect those who are physically and mentally disabled, so they are not sexually exploited or pressed into forced labour. (Ps. 43:1)
    21. Lord, we pray for an end to trafficking in Albania. This nation is a source, transit and destination for men, women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking, especially during the tourist season. (Ps. 82:4)
    22. Lord, please give Christians great motivation and grace to work with trafficked women. Believers frequently judge these women, who find it hard to adapt to a new lifestyle.
    23. Father, we pray for an end to the entire modern slave trade in France, including sexual exploitation, domestic slavery, sweatshop workers and minors forced to work as thieves to help criminal organizations. (Prov. 14:31) 
    24. May women working in prostitution in Germany be able to escape with the help of governmental assistance and the godly guidance of the TWR Women of Hope Hidden Treasures series. 
    25. May Liberian parents keep their children safe and not give them up to others who promise to provide their children an education. Many of these children are being sold into trafficking.
    26. Father, open the eyes of Bulgarians to see the problem of human trafficking. May public-information campaigns, employment and other prevention activities be tools to protect potential victims from these life-threatening mistakes. (Prov. 2:12)
    27. We pray, Lord, that all victims of human trafficking in Côte d'Ivoire will have their human dignity restored so they may rediscover the joy of womanhood. 
    28. Lord, we pray for the freeing of the 18,000 women in France’s commercial sex trade, many of whom were forced into prostitution. (Ps. 143:9)
    29. Father, set the foreigners free in France who are enslaved and forced to beg for money, often using children to make people feel sorry for them. They are beaten by their bosses if they don’t receive enough donations. (Ps. 9:9)
    30. Thank you, Lord, that Christians in Uruguay are helping immigrants with food and clothing. Deliver job seekers from the wicked who would lead them into human trafficking.
    31. Lord, rescue the Nepalese girls who are given in marriage to evil men who then sell them as prostitutes. (Ps. 17:13)

    Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used with permission. All rights reserved worldwide.