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    Making Christ Known in Nepal

    January 26, 2018 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Since 2008, the Women of Hope broadcasts have been airing across the south Asian country of Nepal, and they are having a remarkable impact. Listeners are sharing how they are excited to be growing in their faith and receiving Bible knowledge through the program. They are finding their lives are being changed spiritually, socially and even culturally as they learn about Christ through the programs.

    They are also learning practical, day-to-day living practices that help with health and hygiene issues. This is especially important in areas where there is little or no medical information or knowledge. One listener from Nepal told us how Women of Hope has impacted her life.

    My tutor for life …

    “I am a regular listener of the Women of Hope (Nari Aasha) program. When I started listening to this program, I liked it. I realized that I needed to listen to this program because it is helpful in every situation of my life. Whenever I feel disturbed in my mind and I need wise counselling, I listen to the program as my tutor for my life. It has been teaching me practical Christian living and moral conduct, teachings that are applicable for day-to-day living.

    “Before I was not conscious of many things, but nowadays I am so much more careful in terms of health/hygiene and taking care of children. To understand the Word of God, live a blissful life and maintain a blessed happy family life, I am regularly listening to Women of Hope programs. Finally, the program enables me to be a good housewife. The program helps me to maintain a good balance of physical life and spiritual life. I am thankful to TWR Nepal for providing me this program."

    Physical healing and peace …

    Another radio listener is middle aged with seven family members. She was very ill and had tried many treatments through a witch doctor and a medical doctor but there seemed to be no solution. In fact, after treatment her illness seemed to get worse.

    One day she was listening to the radio and at the same time our Women of Hope program was airing. She listened carefully for the half hour. She started listening every week. Her heart was opening to the message of hope found only in Christ. Soon she found a local church and met with the leader there, sharing her situation and concerns. She was prayed for and received physical healing. She also received the peace that only comes through Jesus Christ.

    She continued to go to church and in time accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour and was baptized! Today she continues to listen to Women of Hope and thanks God for the work he has done in her life.

    Rescued …

    Yet another listener told her story. She had been raised in another dominant religion and had been faithful to do the religious works and rituals it required. She is married with children. One day she became seriously ill. She had many treatments, including those of a witch doctor. Nothing improved and she became worse.

    Last year one of her neighbours told her about Jesus Christ and advised her to listen to the Women of Hope radio program. She said she felt a good feeling after hearing about Jesus, as he is the true God. She asked how much it would cost to accept this religion. It was explained to her that no money is needed. Rather, she just needed to trust in Jesus and believe that he is her personal Saviour. She did and was excited to share that she was rescued from all illness in her body! Now she is well, and tells how her life has been changed after listening to Women of Hope where she continues to learn more about Jesus.