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    July 2017 TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar

    June 23, 2017 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    TWR Women of Hope Prayer Calendar


    Defining poverty is difficult. The poor in developed countries look very different from the poor in Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, or Somalia. But most everyone would agree that people are extremely poor if they do not have food to eat at least once a day. People also would be considered very poor if they do not have a room to sleep in or at least two sets of clothes and one pair of shoes to wear. Poor communities often have no clean water, local clinic, or school. Sadly, this describes millions of people and communities in our world today.

    Progress is being made in helping women and children who live in extreme poverty. Campaigns to provide vaccines, malaria medicine, mosquito nets, clean water, education, and better health care are a few examples. But progress is often temporary when a medical need, natural disaster, or war pushes families back into financial ruin.

    Women who live in dire circumstances because of droughts, floods, disease, abandonment, and war courageously look for ways for their families to survive. They are willing to work hard, to learn new skills, and make sacrifices. A single mother may be providing the very basic needs of her children until she becomes sick with cholera or malaria and as a result can’t cook to feed her family. She certainly can’t walk miles for water. Her small garden may die because she can’t care for it.

    Astonishingly, many of the world’s poor have not allowed their circumstances to dictate doom and gloom for their lives. They still find love and have families. They learn to make do with the little they have available. TWR Women of Hope comes alongside, helping women rise above their circumstances and find eternal hope and healing in Jesus.


    Please pray for ...

     1. Women and children living in extreme poverty and in need of food, clean water, proper sanitation, safe housing, health care, and an adequate income.

    2. Women listening to Women of Hope programs – now in 71 languages – to know that God cares for them and that he will give them the strength, courage, and determination to get them through even the most difficult circumstances.

    3. Relief organizations and governments to hold officials accountable for the appropriate use of all money, food, and supplies they receive to help those suffering the trauma of extreme poverty in slums and refugee camps and after natural disasters.

    4. TWR Women of Hope team members and intercessors providing skills training, financial counseling, health-care seminars, or gifts of food and clothing to those in need.

    5. More radios, MP3 players, and other media devices to be provided for women who are eager to listen to TWR’s programs but unable to afford these devices. Auntie Srey in Cambodia plays her radio loudly so nearby villagers can listen to the Women of Hope program, too.

    6. Communities worldwide to do more to prevent the hundreds of deaths every day of children under 5 who suffered from diarrhea linked to inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene.

    7. Women experiencing devastating poverty that leads many to immigrate to the Middle East or Europe in search of better jobs, only to be horribly abused and trapped in slavery-like living conditions.

    8. Desperate women and girls driven into extreme poverty by drought, flooding, or war and forced into prostitution to provide food and shelter for their families. Pray that impoverished parents will resist offers to sell their daughters into slavery and prostitution.

    9. Needed supplies like plastic sheets, sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen items, and buckets to reach areas in Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and other countries trying to care for those escaping the killing of civilians in Central Africa Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Sudan.

    10. Refugees who have lived in camps most of their lives to receive skills training and be allowed to start businesses within the camps, some of which house tens of thousands of people. Pray that Christians will be allowed to safely gather to worship God.

    11. Parents in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Nicaragua, to protect their young daughters from early marriages and cohabitation, usually with much older men. These girls usually do not continue their education and live in poverty (http://www.girlsnotbrides.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Child-marriage-in-LAC-01.2017.pdf).

    12. The world’s 65 million refugees, many facing a brutal existence because they have lost all their possessions and are living in crowded camps or housing with inadequate water and sanitation.

    13. Women in TWR listener groups in India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Vietnam who are isolated, uneducated, and seeking hope for the future. Ask the Lord that they will gain access to working radios so they can hear of God’s gift of salvation and peace even in the midst of their extreme poverty.

    14. Women learning new skills from TWR Women of Hope staff and volunteers in Nepal, Paraguay, Tanzania, Turkey, and other countries so they can provide a small income for their families.

    15. Women listening to Women of Hope programs with their families so all of them will hear lessons on child care, health, and family, along with biblical truths that can lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    16. Families suffering during Venezuela’s economic crisis, which has resulted in major shortages of food and medicine while the number of child deaths, illnesses such as malaria and diphtheria, and women dying during childbirth have increased.

    17. The millions of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia who live in poverty and are unable to afford books and required uniforms for school. Food and heat for their small homes costs so much that an illness or accident can push them into extreme poverty.

    18. Romani women, many of whom were married as teenagers, are usually unemployed, and are unable to collect enough items to sell to make bread for their families. Pray for those in Albania who are reaching out to them with God’s love and providing both advice on healthy living and some medical care for those who have never been to a doctor.

    19. God to do the impossible to end the starving of so many in North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, and many other countries. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work in us, to him be glory” (Ephesians 3:20-21).

    20. People in 19 African countries experiencing acute food shortages, mainly because of internal conflicts but also because of flooding, drought, and corruption (africacenter.org/spotlight/acute-food-insecurity-conflict-africa/).

    21. Ministries that provide counseling, professional training (cooking, sewing, business), and homes of refuge for girls who have nothing after escaping the sex-slave industry.

    22. Widows, young and old, who face financial and social problems if they have no male relatives willing to support them. Pray that they will find God to be their provider as Christians help in practical ways (Isaiah 1:17).

    23. Women in Yemen, where the civil war has killed 10,000 civilians and brought 17 million to the verge of starvation, according to the United Nations. This conflict also affects the education systems, causing children to remain in poverty. Pray for TWR listeners, many of whom are new believers.

    24. Producers of the Guarani and Nivaclé Women of Hope programs in Paraguay as they reach out to women who have very little but desire to know God. Pray for the women at the Good Shepherd prison to experience God’s love through the TWR Women of Hope ladies who visit them.

    25. Girls in extreme poverty to be able to receive an education so that they can help their families have a better future. Pray that many girls and women will find their dignity in Christ and strive to live to honour God with their lives.

    26. Women and children who walk long distances to fetch water or spend hours collecting firewood for boiling water to make it safe to drink. Having wells near the home means more time to attend school or produce an income for these poor families.

    27. Mothers who try to teach their children how to protect themselves from disease by washing their hands often, disposing of trash properly, and preparing food safely.

    28. Community leaders to do more to provide wells and proper latrines to prevent disease and death. Globally, 663 million people are without clean water. In India, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, 76 million do not have access to safe water, and 774 million do not have toilets in their homes (wateraidindia.in).

    29. Communities to provide better living conditions for families living in slums and better education for these children so they can improve their lives.

    30. People who are trying to provide the world’s poorest countries with clean water, electricity, and proper sanitation in homes, businesses, medical centers, and schools. Pray also for secure banking by cellphones to help the poor save money and make purchases.

    31. The more than half of Mozambique’s 25.9 million people who live in poverty. Despite its large coalfields and offshore energy reserves, this country in southeastern Africa ranks among the world's least-developed nations and has high rates of child marriages and HIV/AIDS. About 45 percent of its population are under the age of 15 (http://www.theodora.com/wfbcurrent/mozambique/mozambique_people.html).