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  • Oct14Fri

    I Can Do Nothing, Except Pray

    October 14, 2016 by TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Women of Hope Responses

    Our intercessors are a vital part of everything we do. We give praise to God for what he is doing in and through faithful intercessors praying with Project Hannah’s global prayer team! Enjoy these testimonies from our Women of Hope listeners.

    From a listener in Vietnam:

    “We haven’t heard any of TWR’s programs directly from radio; however, we have received Women of Hope programs and prayer calendars in hard copy regularly during the last three years.

    “Sisters here really like this program, and we all pray for the Women of Hope team every time we meet with each other. We realize that many of us here have good changes in how to dress, how to address others politely, how to have good dental hygiene, and how to look after our children. The special thing is everyone stands together in unity to share problems of each family, such as helping when someone is sick. We also quit all bad habits and customs that we did before, such as burning incense before the ancestors alter when someone died, making sacrifices, worshipping ancestors, and other money-costing rituals. Sisters here have not just stopped drinking but also have encouraged their husbands to stop drinking and gambling. Their children are also getting better in their behaviour, and our group has a stronger bond.”

    From listeners in Myanmar:

    “Our Project Hannah prayer group members have the opportunity to participate in a Scripture-reciting contest. Aside from individually praying every day the prayer requests mentioned in the Project Hannah prayer calendar, we have the opportunity to get together as a group to pray on Sundays at church after morning worship is over.”

    “God bless you all! I thank TWR Myanmar S’gaw Karen Project Hannah that I receive the Project Hannah prayer calendars on time. Every day I pray the prayer requests. I also have learned how to pray. I am also praying that more and more people will join Project Hannah’s prayer group.”

    “Our prayer partners in the Project Hannah prayer group are always praying for women and girls around the world who are suffering hardships, trouble, and poverty. I feel sorry for these suffering women and girls when I learn about them. Except for praying for them, I can do nothing for them. Our prayer partners are very enthusiastic to pray. As a result of God's plan, the TWR Myanmar Project Hannah team encouraged us to meet together and pray as a group. For this reason, we praise God and especially thank TWR Myanmar Project Hannah. Our Project Hannah prayer group conducts a Bible-reciting contest once a month.”