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  • Sep11Fri

    Hope, Healing and Freedom

    September 11, 2020 by the TWR Canada Women's Ministry Team
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    Around the world, the hope of Jesus is changing lives. Women who have heard the gospel truth from the Women of Hope program are finding freedom and healing. As we spend this month praying for women who are experiencing violence, rape and female genital mutilation, please be encouraged by the testimonies we hear from women who are finding hope around the world:

    From India: “For many years, I have been your listener. Indeed, it is a privilege for me. I thank the Lord for the women’s program. These days, many women are abused, and I am sure your program will strengthen them and teach them to be courageous.”

    From the Philippines: “Thank you for the message this morning. I just want to share that I also experienced the same struggles when my husband was not yet a believer. I am also a victim of abuse in the past, but I thank God because his Word helped me to stand firm and dependent on him. But now my husband is a Christian and his life has been changed. I praise the Lord!”

    From Côte d’Ivoire: I listened to the Women of Hope program on sexually transmitted diseases. It was a case of HIV-AIDS and the results of rape that caught my attention. I am a mother and I understand that we need to pray for other women for their protection. I made a commitment to remember in my prayers all those who are faced with this situation.”