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  • Apr26Fri

    Holding the Pieces Together

    April 26, 2019 By the TWR Women of Hope Ministry Team

    The Silk Road once led traders across Central Asia, bearing riches and exotic good abroad. Today, the men of the “stans” (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan) take themselves abroad, to look for work in Russia. Meanwhile, the women are left to hold the pieces together, raising children and caring for aging parents, left alone in these tasks for months and even years.

    Central Asian women remain not only behind but also restricted by culture and religion. “Many sisters have difficulties because their husbands are not Christians,” writes one TWR Women of Hope worker. “Several are not allowed to come to church, though some come secretly. Many women are stuck at home and need the support of God’s Word. Others are elderly, sick and lonely and need the comfort of the Bible.”

    Our TWR Women of Hope teams are bringing this comfort across Central Asia. Even amid pressure and persecution, women not only find time to listen to Women of Hope programs but also devise ways to share the hope they have found. One woman took notes as she heard TWR Women of Hope sisters speak. Despite the danger, she desired to share these words with others. She tore her notes into small pieces and stuffed them in her handbag. When searched at the border crossing, only “trash” she’d forgotten to throw out was found. Once home, she pieced the notes back together. Now she had the words of hope she needed to teach and encourage her neighbours.

    Produced in six Central Asian languages, each Women of Hope episode gives women a piece of knowledge useful in their daily lives. It may be about medical care, nutrition, household management, relationship counseling or, most importantly, the fact that she is a meaningful part of this world and can have a lasting relationship with Jesus, the one in whom all things hold together.

    (Originally published in “The Heartbeat” Vol. 21 No. 3)