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  • Dec8Fri

    Greater is He Who is in You

    December 8, 2017 by the TWR Canada Women’s Ministry Team
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    Spiritual warfare is real.

    More than a feeling, it is a fight for women’s hearts going on every day.

    In Nepal, the fear of evil spirits is tangible. Blood sacrifices and prayers are made to appease the spirits, and the impact of these rituals on the women’s lives cannot be explained away as mental illness or imagination.

    Jyoti* once struggled with evil spirits. Without Christ, she was left unarmed.

    “Then one day,” she writes, “I got the chance to listen to the Women of Hope radio program. I liked it and began to listen daily.”

    She continues, “I wanted to go to church, so I prayed for God to guide me.” Jyoti would truly need God’s help to find a church in Nepal. Since so few Nepalis are Christians, it’s quite possible Jyoti had never met a believer in Jesus before.  

    But God answered her prayers with a friend who took her to church. Echoing 1 John 4:4, Jyoti recalls, “Gradually, I felt peace in my mind and freedom from the evil spirits. I received Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord. Now I go to church, read the Bible and pray to God every day.”

    As women like Jyoti pray for their loved ones, they struggle with isolation. But the Women of Hope program provides guidance and companionship. The hosts become teachers and friends to many hurting, lonely women.

    Jyoti has abandoned the sacrifices and rituals the people around her hold dear. But she writes that “even if society ignores me, I will not leave Jesus. Not at any cost. I have found the true God, and I believe in him alone.”

    *Name changed for her privacy.

    (article originally published in “The Heartbeat,” Volume 20, Number 3)